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Jo Fitzsimons is a freelance travel writer who has visited over 60 countries. is the place where she shares destination details, travel itineraries, planning and booking tips and trip tales. Her aim: to help you plan your travel adventure on your terms and to your budget.

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  1. Sue Marcotte
    Sue Marcotte at | | Reply

    Great concise information – I took tons of notes
    Heading there in February for 2 weeks 2/9 thru 2/23 and looking to Strategically plan a trip to see the most while enjoying it all without feeling like we are on a hurried time schedule. Flying out of Phoenix and deciding on best place to fly into and how to arrange trip. Will be staying at Marriotts
    Want kayaking – Pearl Harbor tour – paradise cove luau – zip lining- diamond head hike – trolley in Waikiki- whale watching – snorkel around Molokai- road to Hana day trip – whale watching boat tour
    Help! Any suggestions on how to map this out or any highlights I am missing???

  2. Brooks Morrow
    Brooks Morrow at | | Reply

    Hi Jo. Great article and information.

    I have a question that maybe you would give me some info regarding. Are the roads and areas of interest on the Big Island as congested and crowded as on Maui? I’ve been to Maui three times now because my daughter moved there and everywhere I have been you are tripping over or running into a lot of people. Even on the goat trail road from Kahalui to Lahaina that runs around the northwest side of the island. All three visits have even been during the least busy times too, twice in October and once in March. I like to be where few people are, mainly because common courtesy seems to be dwindling and there always seems to be a jerk or two everywhere I’ve been on Maui. Even the younger locals have been rude. I know I could cut my way into the jungle or hike to a secluded area of beach but I do like to see the history and cool areas as much as anyone. I’ve seen a man take 5 minutes to change his shorts in the open at Baby Beach, a tourist, and totally nude from the waist down with my wife and daughter and others witnessing. He would have taken longer had I not finally yelled at him to get them on or I was going to kick his blank. Also, some local kids passing me and others on the road to Hana and nearly causing multiple wrecks. These are just a couple examples from my last trip a week ago. Are there any areas to explore on the Big Island that were not busy and loaded with tourists you saw, or would Molokai be better in that regard?
    I would appreciate any feedback you might have. Also, I’m jealous and want your job, it sounds awesome.

    Best regards,

    Brooks Morrow
    Logandale, Nevada

  3. Jane
    Jane at | | Reply

    Hi Jo. Really enjoyed reading your blog! I am heading to Hawaii with my partner next month and we so far have a few days on Oahu then 5 days on Big Island. After Big Island we are either going to visit either Kauai or Maui, but can’t decide which one! Maui flights are a bit cheaper but we would rather avoid crowds. I am wondering which you think is best? We will be doing a combination of camping and hostels and will rent a car. Both love to explore/hike/beach etc.


  4. Paul Smith
    Paul Smith at | | Reply

    Excellent review, all bases covered.

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