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Jo Fitzsimons is a freelance travel writer who has visited over 60 countries. is the place where she shares destination details, travel itineraries, planning and booking tips and trip tales. Her aim: to help you plan your travel adventure on your terms and to your budget.

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  1. Su
    Su at | | Reply

    Dear Jo,
    Find your write up and reviews most honest. Been to a few places in your blog and can’t agree more with your thoughts. Was in Tokyo and Kyoto ( had Kobe beef …gastronomical orgasm) in spring 2014. Just booked the flight ticket just now after reading your blog, going to Kyoto and Osaka again in late autumn. U reminded me how painfully beautiful the country is. ( painful becoz I miss it so much). So glad to read that life is kind to you- having the privilege to travel so much. Keep up the travels. Will keep updates of your travels. Glad you enjoyed traveling in Malaysia. Please do visit us again. Take care and god bless in your journeys.
    Best regards,
    E. H. Su (Malaysia)

  2. Ming Lim
    Ming Lim at | | Reply

    Cheers for this post. You identified all the must-see places in KL, and then some. Please come back again, there’s plenty more to explore!

  3. Pia
    Pia at | | Reply

    Hi! I am going to KL and some surrounding areas later this year.
    Is it possible to take taxi from KLIA to the hotel (near the Twin Towers)?

    On your travels, did you ever come across horse riding stables? I love to ride in different locations of the world 🙂

    1. IndianaJo
      IndianaJo at | | Reply

      Hi Pia,

      I’ve never taken a taxi from KLIA as the bus is always conveniently waiting so I usually take that and then (if I’m in a hurry), a taxi from KL Sentral, where the bus drops you off. I’m pretty sure there will be taxis at KLIA though. I’m afraid I didn’t look for stables in KL but have ridden horses in a good number of places – Ecuador, Brazil, Jordan…let me know if you need more info. Have a great trip.

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