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  3. Gary Ward
    Gary Ward at | | Reply

    Hi Jo, I think fear is the right word. I remember, in 1967, Sandra and I telling my parents that we would be spending most of that year in Italy for my work. My mother’s only comment:- “My God, what will you EAT?”

  4. rosa
    rosa at | | Reply

    Hi Jo, have really enjoyed the Instagram feed from Spain – have become a bit OCD with Instagram myself. As an Australian, I often feel a bit of a cringe when encountering the less evolved examples overseas -(Thailand and Bali are our version of Spain) . I wonder if it is something we all encounter when faced with a solid mass of our own compatriots overseas. I know I will often actively avoid our countrymen, but maybe that’s just me. Yikes, may have to save me from the haters lol.

  5. Sam
    Sam at | | Reply

    It’s such a shame this part of Spain has this reputation…admittedly, however, there are other parts of the country where Germans make up most of the tourists and can be just as bad. On a visit to Mallorca a couple of years ago, my partner heard way more German than English and possibly even than Spanish being spoken in some parts! (Not that I don’t like Germans – I’m planning to move to Berlin – it’s just that it’s not only British tourists who can be like this).

  6. Gary Ward
    Gary Ward at | | Reply

    Hi Jo, I get tired of reading, in The Daily Telegraph travel section, that Spain is Britain’s favorite destination abroad. They never mention that most Brits don’t go there because it’s Spain but because you get British food, drink, TV and culture, but without the grey, wet weather and high prices.

    On Tenerife, Sandra and I were accosted by a restaurant owner ( a Brit) trying to persuade us to try his traditional British Sunday roast. I told him in no uncertain terms, and not very politely, that I had not flown 4 hours to eat what I can get by walking 5 minutes to my local pub.


  7. Catherine
    Catherine at | | Reply

    I completely understand your frustrations with the typical British attitude to travelling! Glad to hear about another side to Malaga though, had always been put off by the side of it you typically hear about, but you’ve inspired me to give it a go one day 🙂

  8. Nomadic Boys
    Nomadic Boys at | | Reply

    Wow – I am shocked. Like you I have the same stereotypical view of Malaga (which by the way literally means “wanker” in Greek if you put the stress on the second “a”!) and when we did a road trip in Andalucia, flew in and left it/avoided it like the plague, not taking the time to at least have a wonder around the place.

    Hangs head in shame…!

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