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  1. Naomi
    Naomi at | | Reply

    Hi Jo, I am completely jealous of you. I have always wanted to go to Salar De Uyuni. That place is amazingly beautiful. You are so lucky ! Oh , is it hard to get there ? I am just wondering.
    Thank you anyway for sharing this post ! I really enjoyed readig it !

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  3. Brigid
    Brigid at | | Reply

    Loved reading these! How crazy is Salar de Uyuni…never ending salt flats one minute…red lagoons and flamingos the next! We took about 1000 ‘perspective’ photos on the flats…it was harder than I thought lol! Definitely want to get to Evita “Eurovision” Bar one day, looks so much fun!

  4. Meredith Youngson
    Meredith Youngson at | | Reply

    Already dying at these posts haha can’t wait to read the rest on an actual computer- Mere 🙂

  5. Steph | A Nerd at Large
    Steph | A Nerd at Large at | | Reply

    Ha! That Eurovision bar sound epic. I would totally go there. What has me laughing out loud though is imagining your response to the male masseuse’s (masseur?) offer. After seeing you handle the inappropriate advances of that blottoed creepazoid journo at WTM, I can only imagine what you said to this guy. I’ve heard good things about the massages at the women’s prison, for sure.

  6. Tim
    Tim at | | Reply

    That is always a difficult question to answer. The one about naming the best place I’ve been. For so many the parameters to define this are so different. Looks like you have put together a good answer in this post though. Mine is below if you are interested. Btw, I have never been to the Clink Hostel but what a great idea!

  7. Katrina
    Katrina at | | Reply

    Love this list! And I particularly liked your caption blaming the fuzzy picture on too many celebratory cocktails. 🙂

  8. Adelina | PackMeTo
    Adelina | PackMeTo at | | Reply

    I haven’t been to the dead sea yet, but it never occurred to me the awkwardness of trying to get out of the waters. Haha I can already imagine my flailing around to get out.

  9. rosa
    rosa at | | Reply

    haha, a quick thanks for the starfish pic for those of us reading at work !

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