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  1. Heidi A Brown
    Heidi A Brown at | | Reply

    Just wondering about parking at Pearl Harbor. Is there public parking? Do you know how much? How close is it? As trying to figure out the best way to see Pearl Harbor it is very confusing. Thanks for all your information, it is very helpful.

  2. Mike
    Mike at | | Reply

    Out of date? The memorial is to be closed into 2019 or beyond for repairs we were told…

  3. SandyB
    SandyB at | | Reply

    Thank you. Very useful outline of the sights. Yours is one of the few places which gives an overview of each and what is involved with each. I have scheduled the locations individually as my husband is an airplane and sailing nut so we will do the more involved tours. We will spread over two separate days…all that I will be able to take 🙂 . We will be doing in mid January.
    Again, thanks.

  4. Sarah
    Sarah at | | Reply

    It would help for you to note the YEAR of your original visit date. Some ticket prices are a lot more expensive now (5/21/2018); the passport price, instead of being $55 as noted in your original article, is $72 now, and I doubt if there is any saving over buying the tickets separately.

  5. Lats
    Lats at | | Reply

    Thanks for this article it’s helpful!

  6. Kathleen Mc Farland
    Kathleen Mc Farland at | | Reply

    Great comments on Hawaii. Going there in January 2018. Would like to see all the sights but dont want to be ripped off. We are retired couple. In our 60, s and 70, s.

  7. Lea wites
    Lea wites at | | Reply

    Love the article. We are over 65 and follow have a lot of energy but all,of the hostels you recommend you need to be under 45 years old any idea for those of us older guys . Or is it better to stay on a less ecoenisive island and cruises to Pearl Harbor ?

  8. gatwick airparks
    gatwick airparks at | | Reply

    Thanks for the excellent content. Wish to see even more shortly. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  9. LaToya Miller
    LaToya Miller at | | Reply

    This is as absolutely awesome and thorough review. The information on this site is exactly what I was seeking for our visit tomorrow!

  10. Justine
    Justine at | | Reply

    Hi there,
    I stubbled across your site and it looks very helpful! In regards to Pearl Harbour, we just want to visit the uss Arizona, we have 9 year twins and thought we could catch a ferry from Waikiki to Pearl Harbour? Can you just confirm if we buy tickets online for the Arizona in order to avoid long waits?
    thanks so much!

  11. roger
    roger at | | Reply

    very helpful thank you!!

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  13. Donna
    Donna at | | Reply

    I have a layover from Maui that arrives at 1030am and my flight out is at 3:10pm. I asked a tour company if I would have time to get to Pearl Harbor and see anything and they said I could book, they would pick me up at 11:00 see Arizona memorial and visitor center and be back by 2:00. Do you think this is possible and if I already have boarding passes to get through security in 1hr?

  14. William Fetty
    William Fetty at | | Reply

    I will be on a cruise Septer 23-Oct 1 When I get off the ship at 7 in the morning my flight does not leave until 2:30. Do I have time to see pearl harbor?

  15. Chrisie
    Chrisie at | | Reply

    Is there anything to see if it is closed? The only day we can go is new years day, when they are not open..

  16. Nicki Lewis
    Nicki Lewis at | | Reply

    We are looking to go to Pearl Harbor last week of August and online says you can’t purchase tickets until 2 months out, so getting ready to buy tickets soon. If we buy the narrated tour and not the passport do you think we will regret that?

  17. Scott
    Scott at | | Reply

    REALLY extremely helpful. Excellent advice all around. Enjoyed the Missouri a great deal but felt the Air Museum was a complete waste of time and money at $25. Should have been $12 like the sub, which was much more interesting.

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