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Jo Fitzsimons is a freelance travel writer who has visited over 60 countries. is the place where she shares destination details, travel itineraries, planning and booking tips and trip tales. Her aim: to help you plan your travel adventure on your terms and to your budget.

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  1. Kristen
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    Hi Jo,

    I am searching for a Vipassana meditator who is also a lawyer. Do you still practice law? I sat my first 10 day course in August. If not, do you know of anyone who is? I would like to find a lawyer who follows the precepts.

  2. natasha
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    LOL ~ OMG How did you live in silence when you are obviously destined for humour. I laughed so much that my travelling bear began to look at my in a queer way. I don’t think I could survive such a regime. My undiagnosed fibromyalgia will go stir crazy — perhaps i will try it somewhere – where I can sleep on a comfy bed 😉 — loved this piece.

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