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Jo Fitzsimons is a freelance travel writer who has visited over 60 countries. is the place where she shares destination details, travel itineraries, planning and booking tips and trip tales. Her aim: to help you plan your travel adventure on your terms and to your budget.

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  1. Lance
    Lance at | | Reply

    Jo, if I haven’t said it before, this was a great series. Writing in the USA, we constantly hear the refrain, “but travel hacking is only for Americans.” Thanks for proving that the world is round, there are opportunities in other markets and everyone should be traveling!

  2. Ed
    Ed at | | Reply

    That was a great series and even though I’m USA based for now and some of it doesn’t apply, we are soon to be expats in Spain and so I was very interested to hear what the European landscape looked like for maximizing mileage. I’m aligned to One World currently and just signed up for the Barclay’s card so I don’t incur foreign transaction fees over there. They have a pretty good bang for the buck on their card. Now it’s on to understanding more of this as we do our travel based out of Spain, not the USA (which I know are different). I enjoyed the humor and the way you laid this out. The super knowledgeable in-depth sites on travel hacking sometimes make my head explode. I cannot swallow the entire ocean in one gulp…

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