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  1. Sandra Jones
    Sandra Jones at | | Reply

    Hello, I am so glad I came across your posts and knowledge on beautiful Italy.
    My boyfriend and I are headed to Monoco this May for the Grand Prix and then were off to Italy for the next 8-9 days. Both our first time. Yes, I know, certainly not enough time for it would take years and beyond to explore all Italy has to offer. So I’ve surrendered to the fact that we can only physically do what we can get in during our short time and try and make the most of it while relaxing and not over booking. So we have 9 days. Little ol’ me has offered to take over the itineray, one less thing the old man;) has to deal with. However, I am so not savvy with finding the most unique places so now I come to you. I want to prove myself and show him that I can pull this off and pull it off in the most memeorable trip. As of now, we are doing leaving Nice after the Grand Prix and heading to Florence and then to Rome. Staying at The Ritz Carlton. Yes, I know, very nice however I was looking for something a bit more like an old farmhouse with rolling hills as views, landscape and uniqness. I pretty much have carte blanch which helps! Any suggestions with your expertise and experience to beauticful Italy? Should we stop somewhere off the beaten path on the way to Florence and stay for a night? This was where I was trying to find an old beautiful farm house. I would be so appreciative for any suggestions or recommendations.

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  4. William
    William at | | Reply


    Thank you for posting this.

    I had the pleasure of staying in Urbino for 5 weeks this summer as I went to study abroad and it was everything that I expected and more. It took no time at all to feel at home there and amazing for people to not know about it when I said I was studying in Italy.

    Among my favourite places were Gellateria Romana and Il Corteggiano as well as the Pizza place right below the small church next to the Piazza della Republica.

    It is were I truly fell in love with Italian culture and the people only fueled that. Some of the best locals I have ever encountered and some very patient store clerks as I tried to tidy up my spoken Italian (including the lady at the Cell phone shop at the base of the city, where I had my first Italian conversation in Italy.)

  5. Valentino
    Valentino at | | Reply

    Hi Jo!

    You have already said more than everything!

    Somebody else says that Urbino is the second best Italian city for Renaissance efter Florence.

    There is also who said that Raffaello comes from Florence and – as you know – that’s a lie! 🙂

  6. Megan
    Megan at | | Reply

    Uh. When are you going back. With me, of course…:) Looks gorgeous.

  7. Giulia
    Giulia at | | Reply

    Beautiful article!
    Glad that Urbino is getting some well deserved attention, we surely do not want it to become a tourist trap, but a few more visitors would be great.
    Have a look at my blog for more in the region

  8. Karla
    Karla at | | Reply

    Beautiful, just beautiful Jo!

    I love how you describe perfectly how Le Marche gets under your skin instantly and not to mention how hard you fall in love with the region!

    I lived and studied in a small village called Castelraimondo and felt right at home 😉

    We traveled to neighboring towns but we didn’t make it to Urbino!

    After reading this I must go back and see it with my own eyes!

    Loved all your photos, they truly captured the beauty, energy & essence of the city.

    Tante grazie 🙂

  9. Nancy
    Nancy at | | Reply

    Urbino…my second home. I fell in love with Urbino as a college student. So much so I found a husband and stayed several years. My first reaction to your post is pride. Pride that someone else has discovered what I did so many years ago. But my second reaction is Shhhhh! The contrast between the major tourist areas and Urbino are stark. I was amazed last time I visited Rome and one finds oneself surrounded by a throng of tourists ALL the time. Urbino still has the same amount of visitors as 30 years ago -not too many and mostly day trippers from the “Adriatic Riviera”. It is a beautiful city/town with spectacular views from everywhere. I would recommend an extended stay to get a true flavor of the Itallian lifestyle – hopefully with a small Italian vocabulary. Thanks for posting!

  10. Peter
    Peter at | | Reply

    Well done!! Very, very good Jo!! 😉

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