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  3. Jilian Caron
    Jilian Caron at | | Reply

    Yes, TSA takes the Knife!

  4. Jonis Davis
    Jonis Davis at | | Reply

    Question: I’d love to take my tiny Victorinox knife but I travel with only carry-on and can’t get my knife through TSA. Any suggestions?

  5. Adele
    Adele at | | Reply

    Love your website 🙂
    I am stoked to see you use a spork. My friends and I swear by them!
    After one of the guys broke his about 4 times in a day and had to keep taping it together we tried looking for a sturdier option. Turns out you can get titanium sporks 😀
    They’re obviously more expensive, not by too much, but they definitely last longer.

  6. Liz
    Liz at | | Reply

    Multipurpose items make the best items to take as they save weight etc. I think a water filter bottle may be a good idea also.

    1. IndianaJo
      IndianaJo at | | Reply

      Liz, I definitely agree about multipurpose items. I did travel with a water filter bottle for a while but it didn’t work for me – not only did I find it very difficult to get the water out (squeezing the bottle and nearly turning blue trying to drink), for long term travel I was worried about bacteria building up. I should do more research though as the amount of disposable bottles I see is frightening. Any recommended brands gratefully received!

  7. uncle don
    uncle don at | | Reply

    senorita sarong,
    20 May we fly to Madrid– jobless in Europa for 7 weeks, for 3 months last year.
    i like your list…have most, with suggestions:
    1. MRE nylon spoon comes in every package, and chopsticks.
    2. got 3 lightweight microfiber towels for B40 at an OTOP fair.
    i forgot my Salux towel at home, and usually lose it every trip.
    3. airport security will confiscate your SwissArmy unless you prepay online $12 for AirAsia 20kg. checkin.
    4. my favorite colors: Yellow Stormcase (iM2500) with LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY, Pink Jansport slingpack.
    5. Columbia microfiber rain jackets made in Vn, are outlet cheap.
    6. bought an $8 Energizer Pro headlamp after December El Mirador B’ak’tun trek, 100km in 5 days. trade show freebie LED
    lights were bright enough. the jungle is very dark!
    7. — many handmade cotton sarongs from previous stays, 7 for 35 days. headwarmer when <10c.
    8. travel coffee: pour over plastic Melitta. B60-70 cost more than better beans in San Cristobal and Antigua.

    1. IndianaJo
      IndianaJo at | | Reply

      Ah, nice tips – thanks. I know what you mean about the knife. Accidentally tried to take it through security in the USA. Thought the TSA would go into meltdown but instead of arresting me they helped me reclaim my bag to check it is and gave me a rapid pass back through security afterwards 🙂 Going to downsize my bag for my next trip to carry on only (currently packing a 65l and want to go 45l) so will need to re-think the knife. Oooh – travel coffee. Will have to check that out in more detail. I remember spending so much time worrying about which clothes and shoes I’d need before I travelled – now I realise it’s the other stuff that’s important…the coffee, for example – always the coffee! And I’d like to add a travel hammock.

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