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  1. Samantha Brown
    Samantha Brown at | | Reply

    I did the exact same trip in March, you have described it so very well. Had the same feelings after walking with the lions. My husband still feels guilty for not buying the nuts on the way back from the girl in in Senegal (she remembered him) Oh and what fun we had with the evening entertainment we ventured out and met many different people who loved Gambia for many different reasons. Live and let live. Gambia is a beautiful place. If you get the chance, go there…

  2. Charley
    Charley at | | Reply

    An enjoyable read, thank you. I just returned from The Gambia a few days ago.
    I felt saddened whilst there to see the ‘walk with lions’ so heavily advertised seemingly everywhere. I really wish that people would not walk with lions! What do people think happens to these animals once they’ve grown too big to serve their purpose of feeding westerners insatiable appetite for doing ‘thriling’ things in far away countries? Well, they are removed from the nature reserves and are used for canned hunting! It seems often that staff at these facilities are often told that the animals are retired if to private reserves to live out the rest of their lives in the wild but it’s just not true. I just wish so so much that tourists opened their eyes and do proper research before partaking in these activities! ?

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