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  1. florie gil
    florie gil at | | Reply

    Backpackers Hostel in Kuala Lumpur was very good.. both in budget and the cleanliness of its rooms. Shared bathrooms though, but its so clean that being barefoot is ok with me .. (i too got a thing about bathroom cleanliness).. you leave your footwear at the lobby. it has a free wifi (lobby area only) and you can use their desk top computers found at the lobby as well. offers free coffee (any time of the day) and bread for breakfast.

  2. Shan
    Shan at | | Reply

    SOme other good ones I stayed at Jo. “MD house” in Chiange Mai…AHHHMAZING location for Songkran and really nice…more a hotel though. Its trickyto find as it is set back a bit and the sign is the size of a posage stamp. I had some 70 year oldman on a moped drop me off there as I could not find it :)….Green tulip in chiang mai..nice too. A little more social too. nice roof top patio there. OK location but Spicythai that you already reccomemeded is the best by far for frst time visitors…Pong is the best!!! 🙂
    Bangkok- Asha house. simple but good food and all private rooms and great food and social pool area….location is ok. not ideal. Bout a 5-10 min walk to a subway station but in a cool little area.
    “Refill Now!!” is a REELLLLY nice place with an AMAZING restaurant in it but location is shit and the pool is super tiny..but cool place to relax for a day or two.

    1. IndianaJo
      IndianaJo at | | Reply

      Cheers, Shan. I’ll check these places out next time I’m in Thailand…which should be some time at the end of July 🙂

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