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Update: in Jaunaury 2018 I created a new website dedicated to visiting the Prosecco region of Italy. You can find Visit Prosecco Italy here.

If you want to leave a review, I’d be grateful if you left it on that Visit Prosecco Italy (here) as this page will eventually retired.

This page is a place for you to leave your comments if you’ve taken a tour with Oriana or to read reviews from others who have taken a tour with her.

You can return to my post about how to plan your own Prosecco Tour here.

Prosecco Tour Reviews

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  1. Carol Jameson
    Carol Jameson at | | Reply

    Hi, We saw your post last year and my son did his homework and booked Oriana in June, she is the Queen of the Prosecco region. She is amazing, she took 3 of us to 3 wineries, we had the best ever lunch and she kept us entertained with her knowledge and stories. We enjoyed it so much we paid another visit a few weeks ago, going back to our favourite.. same as your pic Col Vetoraz but went to 2 different ones. I have just finished booking next years holiday and yes… having another tour with her. I cant rate her highly enough. Got some lovely pics. It may seem expensive but how much do you pay to get into museums and galleries. See you next year Oriana Carol Jameson

    1. Ori
      Ori at | | Reply

      Thank you!

  2. Lisa
    Lisa at | | Reply

    Oriana is awesome. She is the ‘Queen of the Hills’ and she should have a
    crown! My husband and I spent the day with her yesterday 15 September! Loved it. Email her and just go! Lisa and Malcolm

  3. Marian
    Marian at | | Reply

    Hi Jo
    Read about you and your blog way back in april. so happy to have found it, sent oriana an email and we are set up with her tour on Tuesday September 19. we (3 60+ lady friends and 30yo daughter) flying this Saturday to venice. we are taking the train to susegana and oriana will start our tour about 9am. can’t wait till the “bubbly and sparklin” party to begin. will post when I get back to USA in October. Paris is next and we are reserved for a fun 2CV car tour in reims and champagne bliss ride on the seine. then to Amsterdam.
    after reading your site some travelers from different forums have asked and I forwarded your site to them to read up. one thing about oriana, she was always prompt getting back with emails and what she had available, I’m so glad we reserved her a few months ago and the tour is right at harvest time. thanks jo

  4. Line
    Line at | | Reply

    Thanks to my googling and your post about the Prosecco road I got in touch with Oriana.
    We were a group of 5 people, and went to Venice late august. We spent a day with her, driving us around to different wineries, a place for excellent lunch, telling stories.

    We had an amazing day with Oriana and I would highly recommend her!

    1. Ori
      Ori at | | Reply

      Thank you for coming!big hugs

  5. Faye davidson
    Faye davidson at | | Reply

    I have tried to book with oriano and she is booked that day. Can anyone tell me another name or contact of a driver? Thank u so much and your post was very helpful

  6. Julie Packard
    Julie Packard at | | Reply

    I’m so glad I found your post about Oriana – we’ll be taking her tour in September. I love prosecco but didn’t want to spend a fortune on a tour!

    1. Ori
      Ori at | | Reply

      Thank you for coming!

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