50 Beautiful Sunset Pictures From Around The World

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Calm sunset over the sea in Baja California.

As someone once said, I’ve not met a sunset I didn’t like. So, as the sun sets on another year, I thought I’d gather together my favourite sunset pictures from my travels around the world. I’ve taken all of these pictures myself and done little to no editing. I’ve also included a video slideshow of all the pictures if you want to truly get lost in the sunsets. You’re free to use my images on your own site if you drop a credit to Indiana Jo and link to my blog.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini at sunset.

Santorini’s sunset is world-famous. I didn’t enjoy the island the first time – too many crowds. But I visited a second time on a Greek Island cruise and the sunset views were much better!

Sunset views from a cruise near Santorini.

Oahu, Hawaii

Pink waikiki beach sunset.

The islands of Hawaii are on most travel bucket lists for a reason, but the Hawaiian sunsets are reason alone to visit. The pink colours on Waikiki Beach were my favourite.

palm trees at sunset Oahu.

I never got tired of the sun setting here. Even this clutch of palm trees fronting Waikiki Beach gave a tropical sunset feel to a street that’s otherwise bustling with shops and bars.

cruise ship with orange sunset Oahu.

Another night, another Waikiki sunset. People get out on their surfboards and SUPs to watch. Being on a cruise is a popular option but I prefer the beach view.

Beach sunset with palms and tiki torches Oahu.

This sunset was so staggering, that the crowd actually started clapping. I love the tiki torches in this view.

Itsukushima (Miyajima), Japan

Itsukushima Miayjima Tori gate sunset in Japan.

The Tori Gate in Itsukushima island (also known as Miyajima) in Japan is another famous sunset location. By day, you can walk to the gate. As the sun sets, the tide covers the sand and the sun sinks behind the gate. Don’t miss the food in Japan.

Mandalay, Myanmar

U-bein bridge sunset with people.

The U-Bein Bridge in Mandalay, Myanmar is thought to be the oldest teak bridge in the world, and it’s become famous for photos at sunset. You can see why. Inspired? Here’s my guide to the best places to visit in Myanmar.

Havana, Cuba

Sunset behind palm trees in Havana Malecon.

I took this picture while I was having sunset cocktails on the terrace at Hotel Nacional in Havana. I wasn’t staying there, I was staying in a local B&B (called Casa Particulares in Cuba) but it was good for sundowners.

La Boca, Cuba

Grey and yellow sunset in Cuba by beach.

It was a packed trip to Cuba. I took the Hershey train to a resort in Varadero (which I didn’t enjoy), went to a cave club in Trinidad (which I did enjoy), and took a hike in the Topes de Collantes mountains before chilling at La Boca Beach, sunset picture above. Want to visit? Here’s my guide to visiting Cuba.

Venice, Italy

Grand canal at sunset in Venice with gondola.

Venice is stunning day and night but catch it at sunset with the light refracting off the buildings along the Grand Canal and you’ll understand the magic of this city of waterways.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Burj Al Arab sail shaped hotel at sunset

I watched the full sunset from dusk to dark at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, with my feet half in the sand and half in the sea.

Dubai beach at sunset.

Dubai is definitely a city to explore at sunset. Related: Dubai Safety, Local Laws & Customs.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Wooden four poster sun bed on Isla Mujeres beach at sunset.

I travelled west to east across Mexico a few years ago. I started in the Yucatan peninsula and explored all the sunsets along the way. The uncluttered beach sunsets in Isla Mujeres were my favourite on the east coast.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

orange and black sunset over buildings cabo san lucas.

After falling in love with La Paz (below), I took a road trip through Baja California, from San Diego to Tijuana, through Ensenada. The whole trip offered some of the most beautiful sunsets. The one above is a moody sunset over Cabo San Lucas taken from my hotel balcony.

Loreto, Mexico

Loreto mission church with palm trees at sunset.

While I was travelling south through Baja, I stopped for a night in the Mission town of Loreto. The sunset over the Mission church felt like time travelling back through the centuries.

Copper Canyon, Mexico

Blue sunset over the mountains of Chihuahua in Mexico.

It was my first time this far north in Mexico and the scenery changed dramatically compared to what I’d seen elsewhere. The above picture is the sunset over Chihuahua, taken as I was coming in to land by plane.

Sunset on the copper canyon train in Mexico.

Finally, I got to fulfil my dream of riding the train through Mexico’s Copper Canyon. I’ve written guides to where to visit in the Copper Canyon and tips for visiting the Copper Canyon. This was the sun setting from the train.

La Paz, Mexico

Sunset behind a yacht in La Paz Mexico.

From the Copper Canyon, I took the Ferry to La Paz in Baja California. Above is one of the stunning sunsets in La Paz at the marina. I became obsessed with the sunsets in La Paz and they kept me in this beautiful seaside town for way longer than I’d intended.

Sunset behind a statue of a mermaid and dolphin in La Paz Mexico.

I love the silhouette of this mermaid sculpture at sunset in La Paz.

Collage of sunsets and sea and boats in Mexico.

What can I say? La Paz put on a stunning sunset every night! This is a collage of my favourite sunsets in the city.

Sunset after the rain with white bench in La Paz.

La Paz sunset looks beautiful even after a storm.

Bight orange sunset in La Paz Mexico.

Ok, that’s enough La Paz, haha.

Nashville, USA

Sunset on glass building in Nashville.

After travelling east to west across Mexico, I decided to travel west to east across the USA. Why not?! I started in San Diego and went all the way to New York. My trip began in summer and ended in winter so the sunsets changed dramatically along the way. I loved watching the sunset bouncing off the buildings in Nashville.

Shadows of buildings and city lights at sunset in Nashville.

I also love a city sunset like this one in Nashville when the last bit of sunlight remains, the bright artificial lights come on and the birds go wild.

Inle Lake, Myanmar

Fisherman on Inle Lake at sunset.

The sunsets were so hot and orange in Myanmar. It was also when the fishermen went out, like this man who I saw at the end of my boat tour on Inle Lake.

Reflected sunset on inle lake.

I love the symmetry, reflection and light in this sunset, also taken on Inle Lake.

shadow of lake cottages at Inle.

Back at my lake-view cottage, I caught the sunset slipping behind the mountains.

Greek Islands, Greece

Paros Island sunset at beach.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the Greek Islands recently. As well as eating all the Greek food and taking a yoga sailing cruise, sitting and watching the sunsets in Greece is activity enough. Above is the sunset in Paros.

Corfu beach sunset with umbrellas.

And this was an especially stunning beach sunset in Corfu.

Santa Monica, USA

Orange sunset with life guard station in shadow, Santa Monica.

I’m a sucker for a bright orange beach sunset. Whenever I visit Los Angeles, I always stay in Santa Monica for the sunset views.

Palm tress tall at sunset in Santa Monica.

Don’t palm trees look especially good at sunset?

Side of lifeguard station on Santa Monica beach at sunset.

Santa Monica’s beach sunset, this time with the lifeguard station shown.

Miami, USA

Art deco building in Miami at sunset.

I can’t mention the Californian sunsets without a little love for everything Miami has to offer at dusk. The darkening light really illuminates this amazing Art Deco Building by Ocean Drive.

Palm tree island in Miami at sunset.

I took this pink and blue sunset I saw on a boat trip around Miami (one of the best value things to do in Miami).

Port of Miami cranes at sunset.

The only time I find city ports pretty is at sunset, as seen in this picture of Miami port at sunset. The orange light transforms the harsh structures, don’t you think?

Borneo, Indonesia

Borneo tropical sunset with palms.

I went to Borneo, an island in Indonesia, to see the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. The tropical sunsets were an added bonus.

Rome, Italy

Close up of Roman statue with pink sunset.

Rome in Italy is another place you might not associate with sunsets but with so many impressive statues and ancient monuments, it’s easy to catch a great sunset spot. I took this zoomed-in sunset while I was by the river (eating all the Roman food). It really captured the pink colour (no filter added!).

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Woman with surfboard on Santa teresa Beach at sunset.

Costa Rica has some famous sunsets, and Santa Teresa, a surf and yoga spot on the Pacific Coast, offered some of the best sunsets I saw during my whole trip to Costa Rica. Inspired? Here are The Best Places To Visit in Costa Rica.

Big Island, Hawaii

Danger sign sunk into lava field at sunset in Big Island.

The sunsets are different on Hawaii’s Big Island. That’s mostly because this volcanic island offers some extraordinary sunset opportunities. At sunset, head to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to watch the sky darken and see lava glowing. I took this picture in the volcanic lava fields at sunset.

Maui, Hawaii

Sunset above the clouds at Mauna Kea in Maui.

On the subject of rare sunset opportunities, seeing the sun setting while I was above the clouds in Maui was a special moment. Just drive to the observation centre up Mauna Kea volcano to see it yourself.

Prosecco Wine Region, Italy

Vineyard hills at dusk in Italy's Prosecco region.

Just an hour from Venice, and you’re in Italy’s premium sparkling wine region. A visit to the Prosecco Hills offers stunning views and beautiful sunsets.

El Nido, Philippines

Boats on the water with purple sunset in El Nido

Just when you think you’ve seen every kind of sunset, you go to El Nido in the Philippines and the light with the boats makes you awestruck. After time in the Batad rice fields, it was nice to be back for a beach sunset. Prepare yourself if you visit: the food in the Philippines is not brilliant.

Washington D.C., USA

Pale pink sunset over washington monument and reflecting pool in DC.

I loved the pink sunset at the Washington Monument in Washington DC. Mirrored in the reflecting pool, this sunset was magical. I think winter sunsets in the city can be just as beautiful as summer sunsets at the beach, don’t you?

Bordeaux, France

Pilat sand dune at sunset.

Hiking up Pilat Sand dune in Bordeaux for sunset was spectacular. As the tallest sand dune in Europe, it’s an ace spot for sunset.

Castelsardo, Italy

Castlesardo rock and town from a distance at sunset.

Castlesardo is a fortified castle town on Italy’s island of Sardinia and the pink-blue sunsets were as romantic as you’d imagine. I visited in the fall and the light was still divine.

London, England

London's regent's street at sunset.

I used to live in London so I may be biased, but this city has some cracking sunsets, like the one above taken in winter on Regent’s Street.

London eye, big ben and the thames at sunset.

And, of course, sunset over The Thames River with the iconic London sights of the London Eye and Big Ben in the background.

Richmond, USA

Dusky sunset with fall colours in Richmond Virginia.

Early evening fall sunset. A speck of colour after an otherwise grey day in Richmond, Virginia.

Montsoreau, France

Montsoreau Chateau at dusk.

One winter I rented a cave house in Montsoreau in France’s Loire Valley. I miss the views of Montsoreau Chateau at sunset.

Cartagena, Colombia

Bright pink sunset in Cartagena colombia.

This is a sunset in Cartagena, Colombia. Although I’ve edited the picture to enhance the colours and details, there are no colour filters on this picture. It really was that pink and beautiful.

Blue and pink Cartagena sunset.

Just a bit later, also at sunset in Cartagena. Again, there is no colour filter on this image.

British Isles, UK

Sunset through cruise ship sindows.

The British Isles don’t naturally come to mind for sunsets but close to the summer solstice, I took a cruise around the British Isles. The further north, the later and more pink, blue and milky the sunsets got. This start of sunset pic I took from my cabin off the Cornish coast.

sunset over blasket island in ireland.

And this was a stunning sunset around Ireland’s remote Blasket Islands. It was getting close to 10 p.m. to capture these sunsets.

Malaga, Spain

Sunset at malaga airport.

Sunset at Malaga Airport.

sunset reflecting of building at Malaga airport.

Malaga was my first stop in Spain for my month-long trip through Andalucia. I spent a lot of time trying the restaurants in Malaga. Since it was low season, the best sunset I got was at the airport when I was leaving.

Hue, Vietnam

Ornate city walls at sunset in Hue

Vietnam was one of the first trips I took on my own and is a great destination for women travelling alone. Seeing the ancient temples and city walls at sunset, like this view seen in Hue, was a real change from the usual beach sunsets for me. Inspired? 15 Must-Visit Cities in Vietnam.

So, that’s my collection of sunset pictures. Where was the best sunset you’ve ever seen? Drop a comment below.

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