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  1. Vincent
    Vincent at | | Reply

    Once you go DSLR, you’ll never go back to point-and-shoot. I started DSLR photography 6 months ago and there is a significant improvement in the quality of photos. I personally love HDR photography.

    One thing every photographer will also need is Lightroom and Photoshop…and…this is where this hobby gets more expensive.

  2. Steph | A Nerd at Large
    Steph | A Nerd at Large at | | Reply

    Oh, and I’ve killed my share of cameras. The first was when a memory card spontaneously disintegrated inside the digital camera I took to Antarctica. My next camera after that leapt out of my pocket as I bounded across the street and it acquired an irreparably cracked screen. My current DSLR, which I’ve had for a year has now been repaired twice — once from the notorious segway crash and the second from being chased by zombies. I like the sound of the consumer protection legislation you have in the UK!

  3. Steph | A Nerd at Large
    Steph | A Nerd at Large at | | Reply

    This post is so encouraging. Even though I’ve invested a whackload of money in a nice camera and lenses, and people say nice things about my photos, I still feel like a poseur because I don’t know my way around all of the technical stuff. I definitely want to do something like this class very soon.

  4. Carole (dancetog)
    Carole (dancetog) at | | Reply

    .. what more can I say! Look forward to meeting up some time in the future – avec or sans cameras

  5. Jac
    Jac at | | Reply

    Camera Killer! This post made me laugh out loud for real πŸ™‚

    I take a dinky old camera along with me when I go scuba diving, but I still live in fear of the water seal failing – I’ve seen other (much more expensive) camera cases flood, and there’s nothing like seeing your case fill up with water to make one’s heart drop… makes you more diligent on the tedious maintenance even when you’re feeling lazy!

    I think camera school worked for you – loved the sunset shot at the end! But as someone once told me, it’s about the photographer in the end and not the camera (and he proved it by taking some amazing shots with my camera just by fiddling around with it) so I’m hoping to improve my eye for pretty shots (to make up for being lazy and using my iphone for photos) πŸ˜›

  6. Megan
    Megan at | | Reply

    Lookin’ good already, Jo. I just might sign up (I really need this, although I’m not a serial camera killer). Also, I’m not speaking to you since you were in my neighborhood and didn’t tell me. πŸ™‚

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