From Santiago to the land of the lovelies (Part 2)

Slightly odd that I’m writing this from the UK…but will cast my mind back to the days of warmth… It was an early start for the trip to Mendoza. One final trip to the post office (nothing) and a mad dash to the bus station. Lesson leanrned: don’t believe that locals know what they are talking about when they confirm… Read more →


Santiago to the land of the lovelies (Part One)

I arrived in Santiago after my 23-hour bus ride (almost) without incident. ‘Almost’ in the sense that I got off the bus at a ‘pit-stop’ (I say pit as the bus terminal smelt like one) and the bus drove off with my rucksack on it. Calmly howling at the top of my voice in Spanglish while flailing my arms with… Read more →