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  1. Jolene n.
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    We are going to be in Tuscany for a week in February 2019. Specifically cetona…we will be driving from there north on Saturday ..our hotel for Saturday night is in Florence. Is it possible to knock out lucca and/or Pisa before we go to Florence to sleep or should we do just one and then train it from Florence to the other one during one of our next 3 days in Florence? Enjoyed reading what you have posted on these 3 cities. Thanks Jolene

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  5. some suggestions
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    well, sorry to say, the puccini’s festival is tourist trap for foreign tourists (did you notice that the 99% of ppl weren’t locals?), i live in lucca and i know how does it work…
    anyway, you forgot to visit some decents sites like (search for them on google images pls):
    – palazzo Mansi, the national museum, a sort of small Versailles (residence of Elisa Bonaparte, aka Napoleon’s sister during her ruling of Lucca’s republic)
    – the Amphitheatre square of Lucca
    – palazzo Pfanner, where Jane Champion filmed some scenes of “Portrait of a lady” with Nicole Kidman
    – Guinigi’s tower, a typical middle age tower with some trees on top (google for the story behind that)

  6. Richie
    Richie at | | Reply

    Forget France! I’m an Irishman who has travelled fairly extensively in France. Italy equals better food, much friendlier people, better weather, cheaper and equally as good, if not better sights! It’s a no brained! Richie

  7. Hafsa
    Hafsa at | | Reply


    reading your blog make me want to cut down my number of days in paris and spent more in italy. we are planning the paris-italy trip in feb 2015, i read the wheather will still be cold.. have you been in italy for winter? how is it really like ?
    we plan to spend 3 night each in florence and rome but personally i more incline to spend more days in florence, even month…but time does not permit.
    do you think lucca and pisa can be done in 1 day in winter weather ? or should i just cut 1 night in rome and spent more in florence ?

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