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  1. Stephen
    Stephen at | | Reply

    I have just came across this post after just randomly typing in why do you feel like…. After missing your flight as I missed my flight from Dublin to Bristol yesterday, I had arrived 2 hours early like I usually do, had a sandwich and smoked three cigarettes as I had no baggage to check in, I looked at the screen and saw the Bristol flight which was delayed by 15 mins not a drama, so I joined the queue, on reaching the check-in desk I was told that I was in the wrong queue and that there was another Dublin to Bristol flight, as I sprinted to the proper gate my plane was still there but the desk was closed 😢, my mistake was I should have remembered my flight number which I wasn’t able to access to remind myself as I couldn’t get WiFi at that part of the airport and no data on my phone as it was calls and text sim only, I decided to head back to Belfast, your blog has cheered me up but still feel like…. Because of my ignorance.

  2. Bree Ward
    Bree Ward at | | Reply

    I’m with you when you said that it’s your first time to miss a flight and you’ve already learned from your mistake. I have missed a flight last month too and it has been so much of a hassle for me. Now that I’m going to Wisconsin this week, I’m gonna make sure that I will do my best to be on time. I will organize all my transportation services to the airport beforehand.

  3. GSE Solutions
    GSE Solutions at | | Reply

    Thanks for sharing this article. It is very informative and good to know that there are always alternatives. Missing your flight is not the end of the world!

  4. Xulfi
    Xulfi at | | Reply

    Wow! Reading this made me feel good. I used to laugh at people who missed their trains/Flights but happened to me today. Heavy rains combined with Mumbai traffic. I could not travel 12 miles in 2 hours!!

  5. Naomi
    Naomi at | | Reply

    I have to thank you so much for this post. I have just missed my flight. I had one minute spare to check in and was feeling very smug for getting through check in on time. However when I saw passport control my heart sank. I tried to get a staff member to help me rush through but she said she couldn’t and I felt too rude to barge in. If I’d known my politeness was going to cost me £430 I would have pushed through no questions asked bit you live and you learn. Thank you so much for sharing, it’s great to see and read other responses to know it’s not just me cutting things fine

  6. Monica Rundle
    Monica Rundle at | | Reply

    Hello Jo
    I found your comments very informative & interesting.. I very recently missed a flight from Paris because the queue to go through the passport check was very very long – followed by security check which all held me up. I got to the gate but it had closed. Stayed night in the terminal, then got reticketed next day for about 940 euros. 24 hours later by the time I got home to NZ, I felt pretty awful. My travel insurance firm asked for proof of when I checked in at CDG airport Paris. I emailed Cathay Pacific who said they have a record only if you check in AND catch the plane…Do you or any readers have any suggestions, please? Thanks. Monica

  7. Al
    Al at | | Reply

    Same situation as you. Frequent flyer. Even joked with my usual airport driver about whether he’s ever had a passenger go to the wrong airport while on the way. The issue was that I always print out my boarding pass but with norwegian, they did not allow that so I had no way to check other than email buried in my inbox. I was convinced it was JFK when it was Newark International. My wife and daughter were with me on our way from NYC to Barcelona. Long story, we tried as heck to rush to Newark but traffic made us miss the gate by 10 min. Norwegian gave us zero credit for the ticket. They give you up to flight time to get some ridiculousness credit towards the next flight. The next flight was some insane price more expensive than a brand new tickrt on another carrier. Would have cost me $4k for 3 tickets to rebook on norwegian. I ended up buying 3 tickets for the next day on Turkish air for $2700. Painful painful lesson. I am a penny pincher and this made me physically ill.

  8. Comfyidiot
    Comfyidiot at | | Reply

    Best missed flight blog list ever… thanks!
    I missed one few days ago after over a decade of flying very frequently & 100% my fault. I got too comfortable, so started to take for granted the ‘leave home with enough TIME in between for anything can happen!’. i.e. Taxi was late, little traffic delay, missed bag drop cut off by 10mins… all I could think was, well at least I enjoyed my sleep in, at that point, realised also I hadn’t renewed my insurance by about 4 days ago… Basically, now I have to adopt the behaviour of someone who has never flown before to teach me how to behave & yes, I did enjoy my extra 18hrs delay, got my emails cleared out & got to stay in an airport hotel for the 1st time ever because I wanted to sleep in the airport to avoid missing the flight (yep, now I’m spooked!), not bad…
    Thanks again for the wonderful read 🙂

  9. emma
    emma at | | Reply

    Thanks for posting this Jo, even though I’m reading it 4 years later! I just missed my flight today to Athens purely because I just read the time wrong on my boarding pass – so stupid! I never make mistakes like this I was so angry with myself. I sprinted to the gate but they wouldn’t let me on even though it turns out the flight was held at the gate for an hour! I couldn’t believe it.

    I’m still beating myself up about it so reading your article was really helpful- you’re right, you do have to look at the glass half full and just accept what has happened. I’m going to try and get another flight tomorrow morning and I’m staying in a hotel tonight. I met a really lovely lady at the bar who was having a bit of a hard time too – so there’s your silver lining!

    Anyway, thanks again!


  10. Dima D. Volovniks
    Dima D. Volovniks at | | Reply

    I missed my flight. Iam in Copenhagen and have limited budget. but.. Its sunshine, I boked another and had even some time to explore the city… its actually really nice place. Sometimes I think missing the flight is not such a bad thing. well, money, Yes, they are numbers, but experience of new places is what life’s aboute ….. Keep it calm and feel the life, numbers will be back. Moments on the other hand may never return.. 🙂

  11. Ernesto on the go
    Ernesto on the go at | | Reply

    Jo, This is a great website which I found searching for information due to my post depression flight miss folly from yesterday. I travel a great deal for work and know my way around an itinerary, but I misread the departure time and thought we had a leisurely morning ahead of us, and that we didn’t have to be at the Rome airport until that afternoon. What we had written down was the departure time for our connection at JFK. Ugh! On the bright side, we now have two extra days in Rome, although not cheap, the lesson will stay with us forever. Happy New Year!

  12. Deimante
    Deimante at | | Reply

    I’ve missed one today because I left my wallet (w/ ID, money, debit card) at home and they could have let me through but there were too many people. I did come only 1 1/2 early and I needed more time since I waited in a wrong line for coupe minutes, then asked when to go (didnt wait for a whole line) and I had 1 hour left and went to ask what to cause i dont have my ID. I was referred to many places. And it was too late. But i did have liquids, so I didnt have money to pay for baggage, so I had to make home anyways. I would hardly made it even w ID…

  13. Julia Clements
    Julia Clements at | | Reply

    Thanks for your blog. I missed my flight tonight as I was a bit too relaxed with time. It’s a painful lesson but next time I’ll be better prepared. Thanks for helping me laugh about it 🙂

  14. Sarah
    Sarah at | | Reply

    Ok, so for everybody reading this to feel better, I just came back from Thailand and am looking for any edge to get some compensation for the £510 I just had to pay when I missed my flight back. I paid £460 for an original return ticket. My insurance say they will only pay for “missed departure” in leaving and not coming back to the UK. Gutted. But on the plus side Thailand was amazing!

  15. Sarah
    Sarah at | | Reply

    I just missed a flight because of my own stupid mistake and this made me feel a lot better 🙂

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  17. jonny
    jonny at | | Reply

    I have had a couple of close misses, including getting on the wrong train at Brasov in Romania and only realising eight hours into my journey. (In my defence, it was late at night, and Romanian trains suck) By the time I realised my mistake and got off the train, it was midnight, but I still had five hours before my early flight to Belgium. Alas there were no trains scheduled to depart from” random train station in the sticks X” to Cluj-Napoca airport that would get me there in less than five hours – so I had to pay for the two-hour taxi ride all the way to the airport. I must have made the taxi driver’s day – I doubt he was expecting a lucrative job at that time of day…It cost me €60, so I considered myself very lucky that I was in such a cheap country; a similar error in Western Europe would have cost quadruple that easily.

    Just found your blog today Jo – nice work!

  18. globalmouse
    globalmouse at | | Reply

    I love this post!! Really informative and full of humour too!!

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