Map of Places I’ve Travelled To

For every place I visit there are at least two more that end up on my every expanding list of places I want to go. I’ve by no means been everywhere but I’m trying my hardest.

If you have any travel recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

List of Countries & Territories

  1. Abu Dhabi
  2. Argentina
  3. Australia
  4. Belgium
  5. Belize
  6. Bolivia
  7. Borneo (Sabah)
  8. Brazil
  9. British Virgin Islands
  10. Cambodia
  11. Canada
  12. Canary Islands
  13. Chile
  14. China
  15. Colombia
  16. Costa Rica
  17. Croatia
  18. Cuba
  19. Cyprus
  20. Czech Republic
  21. Dubai
  22. Ecuador
  23. Egypt
  24. England
  25. Finland
  26. France
  27. Gambia
  28. Germany
  29. Greece
  30. Guatemala
  31. Hawaii
  32. Hong Kong
  33. India
  34. Indonesia
  35. Ireland
  36. Israel
  37. Isle of Wight
  38. Italy
  39. Jamaica
  40. Japan
  41. Jersey
  42. Jordan
  43. Laos
  44. Malaysia
  45. Maldives
  46. Mexico
  47. Myanmar
  48. Netherlands
  49. Nicaragua
  50. Palestine
  51. Panama
  52. Peru
  53. Philippines
  54. Poland
  55. Portugal
  56. Puerto Rico
  57. Romania
  58. Sardinia
  59. Scotland
  60. Senegal
  61. Serbia
  62. Singapore
  63. Spain
  64. South Africa
  65. St Lucia
  66. Switzerland
  67. Thailand
  68. Tunisia
  69. Turkey
  70. United Arab Emirates
  71. United States of America
  72. Vatican City
  73. Vietnam
  74. Wales
  75. Zimbabwe

Where did I get this list from? This list is based on the countries and territories listed on the Travelers Century Club website.

Why that list? First of all, I agree with that website – some territories are quite distinct from their ‘mainland’ counterparts – Hawaii and the British Virgin Islands are good examples. Also, while I’m not a ‘country collector’, I would one day like to join the Traveler Century Club to get access to their member guides and group benefits. So, that’s why I’m counting against that list. When I hit 100, I’m submitting my membership application.

What isn’t on the list? Any country or territory where I haven’t left the airport.

23 Responses

  1. David
    David at | | Reply

    Hi Jo
    Really appreciate your advice about Pearl Harbour and Hawaii.
    Sitting in Honolulu at the moment and there is so much information around about tours and such.
    Your advice is easy to understand and practical.
    If your not already doing this for a living, you should do.

    Thank You


  2. Boris
    Boris at | | Reply

    Hi Jo,
    what about travelling to Northern Germany, Denmark or Sweden? I live in northern Germany near the danish border.
    We have the Baltic Sea and the North Sea with the famous “Wattenmeer” with a lot a small islands. It’s three hours by car from my place to Kopenhagen in Denmark and MalmΓΆ in Sweden. Both cities are very beautiful, they are connected by a very impressive bridge.
    Hamburg is 60 miles away from my place and a very beautiful city, too!
    Best regards,

  3. Indonesian
    Indonesian at | | Reply

    I saw you have visited my country, Indonesia. It’s interesting to read travel bloggers’ opinion about my country: the highs and lows, the food, nature, and culture. Another reason to visit Indonesia again? Hope to be able to read it in the future. Good luck.

  4. Nancy Cameron
    Nancy Cameron at | | Reply

    It is said “If you love the Galapagos, you won’t go there”. I guess it has to do with keeping them pristine.

  5. Nicolas
    Nicolas at | | Reply

    Dont forget Turkey,Most famous city in world istanbul city,Cappadocia.Ephesus,Black Sea,Antalya,bodrum,Marmaris,troy,selcuk,etc many of city and a lot town in turkey you should go travel to turkey someday you will love it so nice people and has great cultures,if you go there let me know,l will advise best place in turkey..l used work hotels and travel agent in istanbul/

  6. jason
    jason at | | Reply

    Galapagos Islands was the best place I’ve ever been in all of the americas, better than amazon, inca trail , salt flats in Bolivia, Rio de Janeiro. Also, el mundo perdido based on the film ‘up’ or Roraima , southern Venezuela bordering Brazil , flat top mountains, amazing scenery and when your on top you can see Guyana, brazil and venezuela in all directions – if your brave enough to go there. Finally, you should visit Desierto de Tatacoa near Neiva or San Augustin in Colombia , where not many gringas venture, mucho suerte.

  7. Ed
    Ed at | | Reply

    Interesting, we’ve been to about the same number of countries. I’ve been to 51 so far but looking at your list, you have 21 countries I haven’t been to. Which means to say I also have a lot you haven’t been to. The top of my list would be Tanzania. You can get both beautiful animal watching, hiking up the tallest mountain in Africa and amazing beach time by Zanibar all within a relatively short distance from each other. I thought South Africa was beautiful. If only they could get rid of the crime in the cities. Cape Town, the northern wine country and the southern tip and beaches is a good choice. I saw the notes on Guyana. It’s tough to get in there as they only have charter flights. I only ended up there because my flight from Brasil to Atlanta ended up there in an emergency when the plane engine caught on fire at night over the Amazon. But that’s another scary, crazy story all its own. Have fun in Columbia

  8. Nykke
    Nykke at | | Reply

    What about going to Guyana? I’m from there and I think you would enjoy what the country has to offer.

  9. Debora
    Debora at | | Reply

    Hey Jo,

    I met u at the hostel in Playa del Carmen, I’m the Brazilian girl (bird poop) hahah I’m just writing to say that I love your blog, I already added it to my favorites, so inspiring! I wish you all the best in your journey πŸ™‚

  10. laura
    laura at | | Reply

    How about Romania? It’s a nice country and lots to visit there. πŸ™‚

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