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  2. escapehunter
    escapehunter at | | Reply

    Some of my low season trips were great: less crowds, lower prices at hotels, also on flights… but: on some trips, the weather ruined much of my trip and wished I had traveled during the high season!

  3. Laura
    Laura at | | Reply

    Great tips. We travel a lot in the off-season because of cost and a low tolerance for crowds. But after seeing snow and TONS of rain in Ireland in March and being similarly soaked in Italy the following March, we’ve started to consider out choices a bit more 🙂 And, yes, closed attractions has to be the worst downside to off-season travel.

  4. Mzuri
    Mzuri at | | Reply

    Very helpful tips, Jo! I think low-season travel could be great, depending on where you are going. In Northern Tanzania, some accommodation prices in April and May are 1/2 what they are in peak season (July to October). Considering how much safari lodges cost (i.e. averaging US$500-1000 a night), it is a huge saving! Yes, it is true that it rains sometimes, but it never rains all day long. Without tens of other safari cars next to you, it’s an amazing experience to be alone in the wilderness with animals. And interestingly enough, we find that altitude sickness on Mount Kilimanjaro does not affect trekkers as much when it rains (just our observation). We guess it could be the increased oxygen level in the air? Like you say, “pack right, do your research, stay flexible…” low-season travel definitely has some high points!

  5. Deia @ Nomad Wallet
    Deia @ Nomad Wallet at | | Reply

    Nice write-up! I stayed in Montreal for 2 months in the summer and that was lovely. Fireworks practically every week, about 2 festivals happening at any one time, free concerts, perfect tshirt-and-shorts weather… But I’d hate to be there now, when it’s often -30C outside. I’d probably stay huddled near the heater at the hotel the whole time!

  6. budgeteurotrip
    budgeteurotrip at | | Reply

    Hola Jo! I’m finally reading your (great) website (and of course I’ll read about Napoli too).
    I liked your post and I totally agree with these 2 points:
    -Eat local, this a milestone for every true traveller, even more, avoid turistic area, because if it’s true that paella is from Valencia and lasagna is from Bologna, it’s highly rare to eat a proper paella and lasagna in a restaurant in the centre of these cities
    -Consider hostels if you’re travelling solo: always! Not only for the convenient prices, hostel staff is usually happy to help out with good info and can be a good company in case there aren’t many other guests around (Granada ‘docet’)

    However a part for the weather conditions (but then what if you get even an only one day of rain in summer, wouldnt you be more upset? 🙂 ), I would always go for the low seasons.
    It’s true that less people are travelling but that’s a good reason to meet locals (and I guess cities are full of them, aren’t they?) while during high season you mostly meet tourists.
    Plus in low season it’s higher the chance to meet true travellers, to hear stories and experiences from them is 100 times better than the usual and occasional tourist ones.
    Regarding the public transportation, for my personal experience, in almost all european cities the schedules are reduced in high season and not viceversa. This is a service for locals and in low season people are expected to work and study, they use the transportation more.
    You are correct about the connections to touristic places out of town, often these services run only during high season. In that case why not using blablacar portal? 🙂

  7. TARA
    TARA at | | Reply

    Very good post! I hate crowds and tend to travel in low season but I really get annoyed when the attractions are closed during this time.

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