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  1. Brian T
    Brian T at | | Reply

    From which airport is the best and most direct way to get to Semuc Champey?

    I read that from the airport it is about an 8hr bus ride to Semuc, is this true? Are there any other puddle hopper flights near the pools?

  2. Gene
    Gene at | | Reply

    very cool!
    in which month did you visit semuc?
    i heard it can be chilly/cold to swim in january.

  3. Brek Thornton
    Brek Thornton at | | Reply

    I have been to Semuc Champey several times and it was absolutely fantastic. I would advise renting your own vehicle and driving through on your own with a map or GPS. The buses are absolutely terrible. You can also get there through Senahu and Chulac. Both are great rides with incredible views. 4×4 vehicles are required for that trip.

    1. Beachie
      Beachie at | | Reply

      Hi, was it easy to rent a 4×4? Ive heard nightmares about car rentals. and I am embarrassed to say I can’t drive manual, will that be another problem?
      and does anyone know of a 3-4day camping trip in Semuc Champey or along the volcanos around Antigua?
      Thank you!

  4. Anilsa
    Anilsa at | | Reply

    Hi Jo , so after reading many posts on the safety in Guatemala I’m a bit nervous about going. Nevertheless I do want to go. I want to know how did you arrange ( or through where ) your travel from Guatemala City to Antigua. I’ve read a lot of posts about carjackings . Thanks!

  5. carlygolightly
    carlygolightly at | | Reply

    Heading here next, it looks amazing, thanks for the advice.

  6. Mariah Henderson
    Mariah Henderson at | | Reply

    Hey Jo! I was wondering what bus service you used to get to Semuc Champey and how far in advance you bought your tickets? Love you site by the way! 🙂


  7. jennifer
    jennifer at | | Reply

    Hi, I am going to be traveling here with some friends for spring break and I was wondering how deep the lakes are and if you have to be able to swim or tread water throughout the tour? How deep are the pools of water? I am a terrible swimmer and can barely tread water, so I would like to know what to expect.

    I know, i should get better, but any help is greatly appreciated!

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