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  1. Ethan
    Ethan at | | Reply

    Dear Jo,

    Read your write-up and thanks for the great information!

    I am intending to go to the vicinity of Kawaguchiko Station in the 2nd week of April 2018 to catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji.

    Understand that Mount Fuji can be very elusive, subject to weather conditions, therefore it seems that it is not worth the day trip.

    Say I do go to Kawaguchiko Station and even to Subaru 5th Station for a day trip, may I ask what is the estimated duration of time I might be spending there? Is there anything to see in the region besides Mount Fuji?

    Much thanks!

  2. Lo Val
    Lo Val at | | Reply

    Hello! I enjoyed reading this article. My family with kids ages 6,9,10 are going to tokyo april18-22. And basing on the weather forecast from accuweather, said dates are mostly cloudy with april 22 partly sunny. Should we just scrap off a day trip? and hope to see the majestic Mt. Fuji on our way to Osaka? Thanks a lot. Wishing you many more travels and stories to share

    1. Steph
      Steph at | | Reply

      Hello Lo Val! If you see this message please reply! Our family was supposed to be in Japan last year the same time as you, but three of the four of us were unwell, so the trip has been postponed to April 2019. I see you travelled with children – ours are 10 and 12. Any tips please? Everything seems to expensive!

  3. Vickie Zhang
    Vickie Zhang at | | Reply


    My husband and I are planning a trip to Tokyo at end of March and wanting to see Mt. Fuji. What is your thought on the best location to see Mt. Fuji on a day trip (kawaguchiko or Hakone)? we will be taking the JR. ……… Thank you for the help !! Vickie

  4. HangWee
    HangWee at | | Reply


    May i ask what was the date that you went to visit kawaguchiko? Thanks!

  5. Marilyn
    Marilyn at | | Reply

    Hello Jo,
    Is it ideal to rent a car and drive around? Planning a trip this 10-17 March 2017. Is March a good time?

  6. Johann
    Johann at | | Reply

    Hello Jo,

    I am planning a day trip to Kawaguchiko from Tokyo this spring. As I understand from this article, you recommend just going for a daytrip and not staying overnight, is that correct?

    Having taken the bus as well as the train, which would you recommend in terms of ease and speed of travel. Is there a difference in the views during the 2.5 hour trips between the bus and the train.

    Also was that JR train you took in your update going to Kawaguchiko or some other destination?


  7. pooja jain
    pooja jain at | | Reply

    hi, its pooja again,
    i also plan to travel to mt fuji and hakone from tokyo, so do you recommend taking the tour of a tour companies and travelling on own, and if so how?
    i am travelling during the first week of july 2014, so is that like a good period to be able to see mt fuji clearly or not?

    thanks again

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