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    “Finding Myself”: The Uncomfortable Journey | Indiana Jo at |

    […] the meaning of life, to reconnect with a part of them that they lost, yadda-yadda. Stories like Eat Pray Love makes it seem like the easiest thing in the world. You realize you’re unhappy, you travel, and […]

  2. Mimi
    Mimi at | | Reply

    I love the title! One thing to point out…Elizabeth Gilbert found love while traveling in your “settle down” mode…she was in one place for a few months and integrating herself with her surroundings. Not that I propose that as a reliable way to find love!

    However, I found love while traveling long term. And I wasn’t looking for it and I wasn’t post-break-up. Luckily my plan was to travel the northern Andes – so a fairly small region of the world. I have continued my travels but go visit my love every few months. It’s not ideal but it’s worked for over a year and we just got engaged.

    So I can say from experience – you give a lot of solid advice. I’ve encountered the cultural difference (whoa have I!), I’ve become a temporary “expat,” I’ve done the long distance thing, and I’ve been disappointed at missing some of the sites I had planned but never regretted the choices I’ve made.

    Thanks for the creative title and good writing. And good luck!

  3. Anne
    Anne at | | Reply

    Thanks for putting this out there, Jo! Though I have always had the opposite experience (travel while in a relationship, only to break up shortly upon my arrival home) I appreciate this honest look at how travel and our relationships (or lack thereof) coexist.

  4. Vincent
    Vincent at | | Reply

    Jajajajajaja, now that’s one funny headline Jo.

    When I saw the movie you are referring to, which was only a few weeks, I noticed something about Julia Roberts’ character. She was, in my opinion, in paradise and was one MISERABLE woman.

    I wouldn’t want to meet other fellow travelers like Julia’s character because I tend to stay away from unhappy people, unless I can cheer them up myself.

    This world is to amazing to waste your time thinking about Ex’s.

    If worse comes to worst, be the heart breaker than the heartbroken.

    You can also trying replace “pray” with “tequila” and I’m sure you can find love somewhere — momentarily.

  5. Lance
    Lance at | | Reply

    I totally love your attitude Jo! Just go out there and make it happen!

  6. Brendon @ NerdTravels
    Brendon @ NerdTravels at | | Reply

    Loved this article Jo, I can really relate to this, Especially on my first big trip through Latin America after breaking up with a long term ex.

    One day there will be awesome nano-technology 😀

  7. Paul Smith
    Paul Smith at | | Reply

    Another excellent article.However, what is the answer for you, to keep travelling.
    Wouldn’t it be better to find somewhere new to live and sit still long enough to meet someone?

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