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  1. Pola
    Pola at | | Reply

    I think that if you only go, and recommend to go, to the most popular places in Philippines – i.e. El Nido, Boracay or Bohol – you will not find a secluded paradise but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Philippines is a massive country and there are many under the radar, undiscovered and unspoiled places to be found here. Hitting a few tourist hot spots and making a blanket statement about the thousands of islands of the Philippines is unfair and inaccurate in my opinion. Philippines has a huge potential for off the beaten path discovery for adventurous travelers who care to dig a little deeper.

  2. florie gil
    florie gil at | | Reply

    hi! just read what you have written about your experience with my country.. and yes, i do agree with you that spontaneity kills the budget here (sadly).. and yes, you should come back and explore the country more.. i suggest though that you visit islands from the visayas and mindanao or probably up north luzon.. but then again due to the availability of low budget airlines some if not most of the to-go places will somehow be a bit crowded.. but with food, i’m not sure i could recommend a restaurant that serves true blue Filipino cuisines.. coz i am not sure if that certain food is uniquely filipino or a version of a foreign cuisine.. well, i just hope that when you do come visit the Philippines again, your experience will be more wonderful than your last.

  3. Carlo
    Carlo at | | Reply

    I kinda felt sad when you said “lower your expectations of paradise and you’re less likely to be disappointed”. Not because I am a Filipino but because I really do find a lot of strikingly beautiful and paradise-like beaches and islands here in the Philippines.

    But I am still trying to put myself in your shoes, which I believe what I also felt when I went to southern Thailand.

    But this is a great blog entry. Thanks a lot for enjoying the Philippines!

  4. War Julian
    War Julian at | | Reply

    Hi Jo!

    Yeah, it’s not easy finding the ‘local’ cuisine spots in the ‘pines, but there are really good quality ones too. In Manila, I recommend the outdoor food court at Market!Market! mall in Taguig; and Wooden Spoon restaurant in powerplant mall at Rockwell area. Both are affordable and very filipino! Enjoyed reading your blog. I will come back for more tips hahaha Thanks!

  5. JBVTours
    JBVTours at | | Reply

    we got some improvement with the visa now. Most tourists can stay 30 days now.
    And after that you can now even extend easily up to 6 month at once.

  6. Kessa Thea Peralta-Nielsen
    Kessa Thea Peralta-Nielsen at | | Reply

    I love your unbiased take about your travel to the Philippines. I am a Filipino but I feel that even local tourists feel what you felt when you were here except of course the entry on food. My husband shares your sentiment on food though. He cringes every time he see food swimming on oil or sauce. Haha! And yes, I agree that spontaneity in the Philippines will indeed kill your budget.

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