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I loved my 3 weeks exploring Myanmar but there is no denying that the country with it’s new tourist infrastructure can be exhausting at time. So, by the time I hit the end of my exploration of Myanmar I was beyond ready for some beach time.

Times change: Since writing this guide, the political situation has changed in Myanmar. Some adventurous travellers are still visiting, so I’m keeping these guides online. Also, in the hope Myanmar will open once more. If you do visit, check your government’s travel advice (it can impact your travel insurance) as well as local advice.

I spent four nights in Ngapali Beach and did a lot of exploring up and down the Ngapali main road and it’s adjacent beaches during that time. Obviously, I didn’t stay at all of the hotels and accommodation options featured below, so I can’t give you my personal experience in all cases. However, what this guide will do is give you an overview of the beach hotels and restaurants including where they are situated, with a view to making it easier to decide where to sleep and eat when you visit Nagpali beach. I’ve focused on the main/most popular hotels.

And don’t worry: if you’re on a tight budget or looking for a hostel, skip below where I’ve got a section dedicated to staying in Ngapali beach on a budget.

At the end, I’ve included a map that I’ve created on Google Maps featuring all of the places listed in this post. I’ve made the map public so you should be able to download it.

Working with logic (as I like to do from time to time, if only to prove to my family and friends that I can), Ngapali beach and it’s hotels and restaurants can broadly be split into 3 areas – the north stretch of the beach, which is closest to the airport, the central stretch and the main Ngapali beach in the south.

On a map, it looks a bit like this:

Ngapali Beach Hotels and restaurants

Again, applying broad strokes, most of the hotels and restaurants are clustered around the north and main beach stretches, with the main beach area being home to the more upmarket hotels.

I stayed near the airport and although there were enough hotels and restaurants in that part of Ngapali beach, it wasn’t as busy or impressive as it’s southern counterpart.

The central stretch is relatively barren and unoccupied compared to both the north and main beach areas and I was pleased I hadn’t chosen to base myself there.

Why visit Ngapali beach?

Sunset from a beach lounge bar

There are plenty of reasons to visit Ngapali beach. Here are some of them:

  • Compared to many beach locations around the world, Ngapali beach is still very undeveloped so you can have a relaxing break without the crowds
  • Not only are the beaches sweeping, they are barely touched
  • I’ll be honest, the sand isn’t the fine, white sand that dazzles but the sunsets (which are some of the best I’ve seen in over 60 countries worth of travel) are something else
  • Local restaurants – you’re not going to find a McDonalds or TGI Fridays in Ngapali any time soon. Instead, dine on that day’s catch, cooked and served by local families
  • Which means you can contribute to the local economy
  • With underdevelopment comes few tourist touts, which is very refreshing
  • Although there are plenty of hotels, Ngapali beach lacks the resort feel of places like Cancun
  • If you want to unplug, unwind, sit back and relax, Ngapali beach is the perfect place to do it
  • The Burmese serve a wicked gin and tonic – that pleased me no end

A note on the hotels mentioned in this guide

Hotel restaurants: Most of the hotels have an on-site restaurant usually serving a combination of local, Asian and international food. Seafood is locally very popular and of great quality. However, do check the facilities at your hotel, particularly if you are staying somewhere a bit more remote. As you would expect, food prices drop dramatically the second you step out of your hotel and into a local restaurant and I would encourage you to try the nearby restaurants for variety as well as providing business to the local people.

Hotel spas and swimming pools: all of the high-end hotels have a swimming pool and spa services but do check if you’d prefer a pool to swimming in the sea.

Hotel prices: hotel prices are a little like a yo-yo: up and down they go. To be helpful I’ve tried to put in an indicative ‘average’ price. It’s not actually an average in the maths sense but is the price I tend to see for the hotels when I’ve been doing my research and is based on sites that offer discounts rather than the hotel rack rate, which is usually higher. You can often find good deals if you look around. Booking through somewhere like TripAdvisor is usually cheaper than going direct to the hotel unless the hotel has a best price guarantee.

I earn a small commission if you buy from links in this post (at no cost to you). Thanks for supporting me.

North Ngapali

Ngapali Beach Hotels and Restaurants north beach

What to expect staying in this area:

  • Close to the airport (not that it matters much as most hotels offer a transfer and the difference is 10 minutes by car compared to 30 minutes)
  • The beach gets rocky and the area gets desolate the further north you stay
  • Most of the budget accommodation is located here
  • However, there is still a handful of high-end hotels dotting this stretch of the coastline
  • Some of the best restaurants in Ngapali Beach are located here

Amara Ocean Resort

One of the more expensive hotels, Amara Ocean Resort is perfect for a special occasion (honeymoon or birthday, anyone?). Otherwise, you can find better value for money elsewhere (hint hint: Aureum Palace – see below).

What to expect:

  • Under 30 bungalows with a private terrace offering an exclusive feeling of being lost in paradise
  • Very spacious accommodation with teak and lots of floating drapes
  • Located north of the airport making it very isolated compared to the other hotels
  • Ideal if you want a resort-based stay (not great if you want local restaurants)
  • A beachfront location that feels incredibly private thanks to the location
  • Extensive entertainment library including books and DVDs

Average price: around $340 per night.

Click here to read reviews and check latest prices and deals on TripAdvisor. 

Want Myanmar travel inspiration?

Check out my videos – a day on Inle Lake…

and taking the boat from Bagan to Mandalay

Merciel Retreat and Resort

A decent enough hotel for a lower than average price – this one should bring you below the $100 a night price point (though only just at around $99).

What to expect:

  • A choice between bungalows or a junior or executive room
  • Short walk to the beach but there is a swimming pool
  • Based on recent reviews, rooms could do with some updating – if you can stretch your spending a little extra, there will be better options elsewhere in Ngapali beach
  • A website that will drive you insane with motion sickness – you’ve been warned.

Average price: around $99 per night.

Click here to read reviews and check latest prices and deals on TripAdvisor. 

Click here for the hotel’s website.

Hilton Ngapali Resort and Spa

Hilton Ngapali infinity pool at sunset
Image courtesy of Hilton

There is only one international chain hotel in Ngapali beach and it’s the Hilton. It’s also one of the most expensive hotels in Ngapali. However, price tag and chain name aside, that pool and that sunset make for a show stopping combo.

What to expect:

  • A choice of rooms, suites and villas
  • Beach front location but with no access to sand (the beach is rocky out front)
  • Shuttle service to the main beach and nearby locations
  • Gym facilities
  • High end rooms with plush sofas, terrace and rain shower – this is not your average Hilton airport hotel decor

Average price: around $300 per night.

Click here to read reviews and check latest prices and deals on TripAdvisor. 

Click here for the hotel’s website.

Amazing Ngapali Resort

One of the better luxury options on this part of Ngapali beach. If this hotel was located further south, it would cost much more per night. This would be my choice if I was choosing a resort in the north area.

What to expect:

  • All villa accommodation with sea views and 2-storey beach front options available
  • Highly photogenic villa exteriors that scream tropical Asian luxury
  • Modern interiors with a teak and cream decor
  • Beachfront location
  • Shuttle bus service available

Average price: around $100 per night.

Click here to read reviews and check latest prices and deals on TripAdvisor. 

Hotel at the Rocks – like the Hilton, this hotel has a rocky ‘beachfront’ location. Click here to check reviews on TripAdvisor. You need to email the hotel for prices. Yep, seriously.

Where to stay on a budget

Ngapali Beach Hotels and Restaurants sunset 2

The bad news is that Ngapali beach is a resort kind of place and hotel prices are high. The good news is that, although small, there is a handful of budget accommodation. Just book in advance to make sure you nab one of the cheap rooms.

There are several Ngpali beach guest houses but some of them receive consistently terrible reviews, so I’ve not included them. Instead, I’ll focus on the two that look decent enough to stay at. I visited Ngapali beach on a budget and although it would have been nice to be feathered in luxury, I had a great stay at great accommodation.

Note: most of the budget rooms are in the north. Although I ventured out and to the main beach, if you don’t want to splash on motored transport, many places have bikes you can use. Otherwise, there is enough in the north (beach and restaurants) that you don’t have to venture out much at all.

Ngapali Banyan Boutique Hostel (known locally as Banyan 1) – this is where I stayed and I’d highly recommend it. Free breakfast, a short walk to the beach, a small communal area and private as well as dorm rooms. I booked the dorm room and didn’t have a single bunk mate for my stay (yay). Prices from $19 (dorm); $38 (private).

Click here to read reviews and check prices on TripAdvisor.

Ngapali Banyan Hostel 2 (known locally as Banyan 2) – I visited this place by accident while looking for Banyan 1 and the set up was very nice. It is a little closer to the central area but still within walking distance of the northern restaurants. Prices from $15 (dorm); $35 (private).

Click here to read reviews and check prices on TripAdvisor. 

Local Restaurants in the north

Ngapali Beach Hotels, Restaurants fish

There are plenty of local restaurants scattered along the main Ngapali road. Of note in this area are:

Sea Queen

Good enough to lure me back more than once, Sea Queen is by far the best local restaurant in Ngapali beach (and the people of TripAdvisor agree). Apart from the food which is divine, the restaurant is a family-run business. Free dessert is included with every order and expect a few gifts with your bill – I received a bunch of bananas and more than one friendship bracelet made of tiny seashells.

Click here to read reviews on TripAdvsior.

See Zein

Just up the road from Sea Queen, See Zein is a great alternative if Sea Queen is full (which does happen if you don’t get there early). This is another place where people go back time and again – for the food but also for the family. They went out of their way to help me when I was lost. (Note: this isn’t featured on my map but is a short walk north from Sea Queen).

Click here to read reviews on TripAdvisor

Ocean Pearl

I had some beautiful, fresh fish steamed and served in a banana leaf at this restaurant. The young daughters who wait the tables are absolutely adorable and the gin and tonics…I may have ordered more than one. Hic!

Click here to read reviews on TripAdvisor

Looking for a travel guidebook? I used this one by Lonely Planet

Central Ngapali

Ngapali Beach Hotels and Restaurants beach empty
One thing you’ll get everywhere on Ngapali beaches – that sense of ‘where is everybody?’

What to expect staying in this area:

I should preface this by saying that I didn’t spend much part in the central area of Ngapali beach. However, there was a reason for that – there wasn’t much there and the journey between the north and main area seemed to extend for a very long time through this central part of Ngapali.

  • Some cheaper, mid-range accommodation
  • Peace and quiet
  • Fewer restaurants beyond your accommodation
  • Spending money on taxis to travel to other parts of Ngapali

If you have stayed in this part of Ngapali beach, leave a comment below and let me know what it was like.

Bayview – The Beach Resort

Although the Bayview Beach Resort falls into the mid-range rather than luxury category, it still gets great reviews. It is also technically on the main beach area but right in the very northern part, so a bit further away from everything else.

What to expect:

  • A choice of bungalows, rooms and suites
  • Rooms are well-appointed including teak and cream decor and local art – this is one of the better looking hotels (IMO)
  • Beachfront location but you’ll be tempted to live the glitterati lifestyle by the hotel pool
  • Honeymoon, Retreat and Valentine’s packages available

Average price: around $125 per night.

Click here to read reviews and check latest prices and deals on TripAdvisor. 

Yoma Cherry Lodge

Possessing one of TripAdvisors’ Traveller’ Choice Awards, Yoma Cherry Lodge is a firm favourite amongst visitors. This hotel is on the simpler side and, on the face of it, other hotels seem to offer better value for money and location. However, I say this without having stayed there and it continues to receive rave reviews.

What to expect:

  • Located within a local village offering an immersive Myanmar experience (if you leave the hotel)
  • Small, boutique feel
  • Beachfront location but no swimming pool
  • TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice winner for years running so they’re definitely doing something right
  • Standard en-suite rooms simply but tastefully decorated

Average price: from $75 per night.

Click here to read reviews and check latest prices and deals on TripAdvisor. 

Click here for the hotel’s website.

Silver Beach Hotel – mid-range hotel with beach location (around $65 per night), this is also on the northern tip of the main beach but still pretty close to central Ngapali. Click here to check reviews and prices on TripAdvisor.

Hotel ACE – another mid-range option with rooms that look nicely decorated and with a beachfront location.  Click here to check reviews and prices on TripAdvisor.

Restaurants in the central area

I didn’t eat at any restaurants here so I’m afraid I don’t have any recommendations. Sorry! Again, if you did stay or eat in this area, feel free to share any suggestions in the comments below.

Things to do in Ngapali beach

Thatched umbrellas at sunset

Let’s be honest – the overriding reason people visit Ngapali beach is for the beach and that really is the main draw. Some beach towns around the world have a good balance of beaches and other activities but that’s not really the case at Ngapali beach. Sure, there are a few activities to amuse those who get bored after a few hours baking under the sun, but not enough to sustain a couple of weeks’ holiday for the restless. If that’s you, you might be better picking another beach spot.

If you do want to break up your sand time, here are the main things to do in Ngapali beach:

  • See the Mermaid statue – it’s not going to fill a day but nice for a photo op
  • Check out the golden rock – again, it won’t fill a day, but…
  • Take a snorkelling or scuba trip – you can hire a guide direct from the beach or through your hotel. Ngapali beach isn’t one of the world’s best scuba and snorkelling spots so keep that in mind.
  • Day trip to Pearl Island – just off the coast, you’re still going to be presented with beaches and restaurants but it’s an ideal spot for a spot of lobster while you cook like a lobster.
  • Visit the Jate Taw (Gyeik Taw) fishing village to see local life in action. Located at the south of Ngapali beach you can visit by road or boat.
  • Fit in a round of golf – the course is located in the central part of Ngapali beach.
  • Hire an eBike and go exploring – the Ngapali main road isn’t the most exhilarating place – it’s a road dotted with restaurants and souvenir shops but with a stop for coffee, lunch, beach hopping and some shopping, you can fill a day.
  • Take a hot-air balloon ride – didn’t manage to take flight over Bagan’s temples? Well, there’s still a chance to go ballooning in Ngapali. Click here to find out more. 
  • Visit Thandwe Town – as well as local fishing villages, you can experience Myanmar life in Thandwe town with it’s busy markets and pagodas.

If you want to take an organised tour that you can book in advance, here are a few options.

3-hour Jungle Trek. Take a hike through jungle to an overlook that will offer superb views back over Ngapali bay. Click here to read reviews and check prices on TripAdvisor

Half-day Mountain Biking. A fun guided cycling route that will take you past city, beaches, a fishing village and paddy fields. Click here to read reviews and check prices on TripAdvisor

Half-day kayaking and snorkelling tour. Includes a trip to Pearl island and a seafood lunch. Click here to read reviews and check prices on TripAdvisor.

Day trip to a local fishing village (Maung Shwe Lay). A full 8-hour day trip, travel by boat to a lesser visited fishing village where a local will introduce you to the locals. Click here to read reviews and check prices on TripAdvisor. 

Main beach

Main beach in Ngapali with golden sand
This is the main beach – I personally didn’t see much difference in the quality of the beach in the north and here apart from there are more people on the main beach.

What to expect staying in this area:

  • The majority of the resorts and upmarket hotels
  • Good selection of restaurants
  • Higher prices
  • More bustle and touts (but still nothing compared to other beach areas around the world)
  • The best stretch of beach in Ngapali (though, to be honest, it’s not so much better to justify the vastly higher room prices, in my view)

Thande Beach Hotel

With slightly lower prices than many of the other hotels, Thande also comes with a Traveller’ Choice Award from TripAdvisor, making it a wonderful combination of quality and value for money.

What to expect:

  • A combination of bungalows and standard rooms
  • Excellent value for money
  • Beachfront location
  • Polished teak and ratan with local arts and handicrafts to complete the decor
  • Children’s swimming pool (as well as one for adults)

Average price: around $95 per night.

Click here to read reviews and check latest prices and deals on 

Click here for the hotel’s website.

Aureum Palace Spa &Resort

If you’re after twinkling lights at night, sat out on boardwalk style dining and cocktail area, this hotel is for you.

What to expect:

  • Choice of cottages complete with verandah, separate living area and private jacuzzi (depending on room type)
  • Decor – a blend of teak and cream with a splash of colour
  • Beautiful circular ceilings in cottages
  • Beach front location
  • Spacious lobby in ratan and gold with views straight out to sea

Average price: around $155 per night.

Click here to read reviews and check latest prices and deals on TripAdvisor.

Ngapali Bay Villas & Spa

There’s a reason this hotel holds one of the coveted Travellers’ Choice Awards from TripAdvisor and rarely comes with anything other than top star reviews. It’s also rated as the number one hotel in Ngapali beach on TripAdvisor. If I was splashing some cash, it would be here.

What to expect

  • All villa accommodation set in tropical gardens of palms, orchids and frangipan
  • Many villas have plunge pools
  • Thatched roof villas offering modern luxury in a blend of white marble accented with dark teak high ceilings
  • Designed by a British architect who has used Myanmar art and culture to style the hotel
  • Beach front location with wooden, padded loungers drinks and food service

Average price: around $135 a night.

Click here to read reviews and check latest prices and deals on TripAdvisor. 

Click here for the hotel’s website.

The Residence by Sandoway

Cool wooden interior of the residence by sandoway

Another Travellers’ Choice hotel on TripAdvisor, The Residence by Sandoway (also known as Sandoway Resort) fits firmly into the luxury category and the prices are pretty fair in the context.  Plus, it has dedicated mezzanine level library so, I’m in! This place would also be top of my list if my budget stretched to it.

What to expect

  • A combination of well-sized villas and cottages
  • Beachfront location but with an impressive pool and decked area – the pools has 3 water levels
  • Each room has designated beach loungers and umbrella so no squabbling or availability concerns (all hotels should do this IMO)
  • Mezzanine library with ocean views and a dedicated terrace for chilling out with a good book
  • 58 seat cinema with plush chairs, a nightly movie schedule and international news playing each evening

Average price: around $140 a night.

Click here to read reviews and check latest prices and deals on TripAdvisor. 

Click here for the hotel’s website.

Amata Resort & Spa

Not to be confused with Amara Resort, this hotel falls into the mid-range bucket (according to TripAdvisor) but has an excellent beachfront location.

What to expect:

  • A combination of cabanas and rooms
  • Expect a blend of cream and teak interiors accented with modern and traditional Myanmar detailing
  • Beachfront location
  • Cabanas are shrouded in tropical palms offering maximum privacy and that sense of seclusion in paradise.

Average price: around $120 per night.

Click here to read reviews and check latest prices and deals on TripAdvisor. 

Click here for the hotel’s website.

Pleasant View Resort

Although this hotel falls into the mid-range rather than luxury category, it still gets great reviews

What to expect:

  • A combination of bungalows and standard rooms
  • Beachfront location
  • Simple teak and cream interior to rooms
  • Family rooms available
  • Seasonal opening only: 1 October to 30 April

Average price: around $60 per night.

Click here to read reviews and check latest prices and deals on TripAdvisor. 

Click here for the hotel’s website.

Restaurants in the main beach area

Ham and vegetable pizza

Two Brothers if you’re looking for a seafood place in the main beach area, Two Brothers serves up a treat. I will say that the restaurant options in the northern beach area were overall better but if you’re located here, Two Brothers is definitely worth a meal out. Click here to read reviews on TripAdvisor.

Jone’s Pizza – when you’ve been dining on rice and noodles for months (in my case) or even days, it can be nice to have a break and the pizza in this place was better than some of the Italian pizza joints back home. Best of all, when I was potentially stranded late at night, the owner arranged a ride back to my accommodation and negotiated a good price for me. Click here to read reviews on TripAdvisor.

Best One – a fair competitor to Two Brothers if you’re looking for local food or seafood or both. Click here to read reviews on TripAdvisor.

Myanmar’s Monsoon: When to visit Ngapali

Unlike places such as the Caribbean, Ngapali beach doesn’t really power through its monsoon season (typically mid-May to the end of September). However, that’s no surprise because the monsoon in Myanmar can mean near constant rain rather than the heavy but often short downpours you’ll find in the Caribbean.

During monsoon, expect many of the hotels and restaurants to close or offer a reduced service with some beach front rooms closing down against the weather. And don’t even think about getting into the sea unless you’re a pro-level surfer experienced in currents.

Equally, flights run on a much more limited schedule and will be subject to cancellation during the monsoon.

In short, if you can, plan your trip to Ngapali beach outside the monsoon season or at least at the tail end of it.

Travel information

Bright coloured wooded travel agent building

Getting to Ngapali beach – by far the best way to get to Ngapali beach is flight. There is a bus from Yangon but it cuts through the mountain range making for a long journey. I booked a cheap last minute flight using Skyscanner.

The closest airport is Thandwe Airport. Located in the north, it’s just a couple of kilometres to the hotels in the north and less than 10 kilometres from most of the hotels in the main area.

Click here to check prices on Skyscanner.

Getting from the airport to your hotel in Ngapali beach – most of the resorts include a free transfer to and from the airport. If your hotel or accommodation doesn’t, contact them to try to arrange it in advance. Thandwe was the only airport I’ve ever visited where there wasn’t a single taxi driver waiting to pounce on the tourists. I ended up negotiating a ride on the back of a motorbike (complete with my suitcase) with a local guy who didn’t have a clue where my accommodation was. Fun times, but not for everyone.

ATMs and money exchange in Ngapali beach –  as well as being few and far between, the ATMs in Ngapali beach were notoriously unreliable and at one point not a single ATM was working in the area. Restaurants kindly set up a tab system but do bring your currency in with you if you can. I saw one Western Union booth but I never saw it open.

Getting around Ngapali beach – shared taxis (open back long jeeps) ply the main road so it’s easy to flag down a ride between areas. Ride thin out at night but restaurants will happily help you out. Prices, like elsewhere in Myanmar, are high and you should haggle. For a cheaper and more exciting journey, you can also take a tri-shaw (if you can manage the lack of suspension). E-bikes and pedal bikes are great for exploring locally. Taxis can usually be arranged by your hotel if you prefer a more traditional ride.

For more information, check out my Guide to Myanmar: Know Before You Go, which includes over 100 tips from getting around, money, safety and local culture do’s and don’t’s.

Map of Ngapali beach

Here’s a map complete with all of the places mentioned in this guide. I’ve made it public so you should be able to save it if you’re travelling with a smart phone or tablet.

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