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  1. Casey
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    Thanks for this post! I’m making my way from Semuc Champey to Flores tomorrow and the money is getting low. I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth it to spend the extra money for the tourist shuttle or if I should chicken bus it… I, too, am a solo female traveler and it’s unclear sometimes what makes the most sense sometimes financially and for the safety of my posessions. This was helpful – thanks!

  2. How to Get to Semuc Champey, Guatemala | Cheeky Jaunt
    How to Get to Semuc Champey, Guatemala | Cheeky Jaunt at |

    […] Chicken Buses from Flores are not direct, but are much cheaper than shuttles. First you have to cross the bridge from Flores to Santa Elena. Here you board your first chicken bus (the terminal is by the market). This bus will take you as far as the not especially remarkable town of Cobán, where you make one more switch. This second chicken bus (costing around 25 GTQ) will take you along the bumpiest road of your life to Lanquin, where most travellers stay (from here it is another 30-minute ride to Semuc Champey). For a more detailed post of the Flores to Semuc Champey chicken bus route, check out this honest and hilarious post from Indiana Jo. […]

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