How To Get from Buffalo to Niagara Falls, New York

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Niagara State Park is the oldest State Park in the USA and sees over 8 million visitors per year. Spanning both the USA and Canada, Niagara Falls is the second largest waterfalls in the world (after Victoria Falls in Africa). Isn’t that reason enough to put it on your travel bucket list? In this guide, I’ll share how to visit Niagara Falls from Buffalo in New York state, including how to get there by plane, bus, train, car and ride share. I’ll also explain how to get to the falls from the Niagara Falls Visitor’s Center, how to cross Rainbow Bridge into Canada and how to travel onwards to Toronto. I also have a guide for the 15 Best Things To Do In Niagara Falls.

At the end of this article I’ve included a map. While you’re in New York State and ticking off the big sights, here’s are a few guide to visiting the Big Apple, including the 10 Iconic Things To Do in New York for Tourists, Inside The Statue of Liberty – Are Crown Access Tickets Worth It? and How to Visit The Statue of Liberty

Best Airport for Niagara Falls – Buffalo

If you want to fly to Niagara Falls, there are three airports to choose from. Buffalo Airport is the closest airport that offers the best range of flight routes. Here are your airport options in detail.

Niagara Falls International Airport (airport code: IAG) – Niagara Falls Airport is the closest airport to the falls, located just 4 miles east of the town of Niagara in New York State. However, flight routes are limited with an ever reducing number of airlines serving the airport – Allegiant is the main airline, with routes mainly from Florida. Since Covid, even Spirit has pulled their service to Niagara Falls.

Buffalo Niagara International Airport (airport code: BUF) – Buffalo Airport is the best airport for reaching Niagara Falls (both the USA and Canadian side). It’s located 24.7 miles, around 35-40 minutes by car from from the USA side of the falls. See below for details of how to get from the airport to the falls if you don’t have a car.

Toronto Pearson International Airport (airport code: YYZ). Although Toronto in Canada is the city most often associated with trips to Niagara Falls, it’s 77.7 miles / 125 km (about 1hr 25 to drive) to Niagara Falls from Toronto, making Buffalo much closer.

By bus from Buffalo

Buffalo bus station with Niagara falls sign

Getting to Niagara Falls by bus from Buffalo is by far the cheapest way to get there – it costs just $4 return if you take the public bus. Here are the details.

From downtown Buffalo

Cost: $2 one-way | Time: Approx. 1 hr | Bus route: 40

Take the number 40 bus from Buffalo’s Buffalo Metropolitan Transportation Center. It runs directly to Niagara Visitor Center on the USA side of the falls. The bus takes just under an hour and costs $2 each way for an adult. You pay the fare on the bus (use correct money because no change is given). The bus runs every hour, 7 days a week. You can check the bus schedule before you go.

The Buffalo Transit Center is located in Downtown Buffalo on the Southeast Corner of North Division and Ellicott Street. The bus leaves from Gate 15. Not many tourists were using the bus when I visited (I was the only one) so don’t rely on following the tourist pack. The station is small but be at the gate before the scheduled time of your bus because the bus pulls in and pulls out.

I’ve got a section below on how to get to the Niagara Visitor’s Center from the bus stop – it’s not as easy as you think, even with Google Maps (see my ‘personalised’ Google Map below).

From Buffalo Airport

Cost: $5 for a day pass | Time: Approx. 2 hrs | Bus route: 24 then 40

The good news is that you can travel from Buffalo Airport to the Falls by public bus. The bad news is that you will have to travel to Buffalo city center first on bus route 24 then take route 40 as described above. If you look at a map, it doesn’t add much extra distance, but it does add a lot of time – around two hours to get from Buffalo airport to the falls. However, it’s definitely the cheapest way to travel. Pick up a day pass for $5 for the cheapest rate.

If you do decide to travel by bus, bus route 24 will drop you off at Washington St. and S. Division St. It’s just a few minutes across the park to the Buffalo transit center to catch route 40. See my map below.

To the Canadian Falls with Greyhound

Cost: $14 one-way | Time: Approx. 1.25 hrs | Bus route: Greyhound

Greyhound offers a bus route from Buffalo to the the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Buses depart from 181 Ellicott Street, downtown Buffalo and drop off at 4555 Erie Ave at Niagara Falls. The route includes crossing the border between the USA and Canada over the Peace Bridge. The bus runs twice a day – at 8 a.m. and 5.15 p.m. The only advantage I see compared to the public bus is that you save the walk from the USA side to the Canadian side of the falls, which might feel like a long way if you’re not used to walking very far. But it does mean you’ll miss out on seeing the USA side of the falls, which are stunning. Taking the public bus to the USA Falls and crossing the border by foot will be cheaper and quicker. You can book Greyhound tickets in advance.

Note: Megabus no longer offers a route from Buffalo to Niagara Falls.

By train

Cost: $14 one-way | Time: Between 45 mins to 1.25 hrs | Note: only 3 trains per day in the late afternoon

Many websites will tell you that the best way to get to Niagara falls from Buffalo is by taking the train with Amtrak. But I find this puzzling as the train times are not useful unless your goal is to Niagara Falls at night and you then plan to stay in Niagara. Trains run 3 times a day around 3pm, 6pm and 9pm. And that’s with me searching over 6 months ahead. Sure, the train only takes 45 minutes if you book the fast train (1hr 25 on the slow route) but still, it’s not a great option if you want to spend the whole day exploring the falls.

Nevertheless, for completeness, here are the details. The train departs from a choice of Exchange Street Station in Buffalo or Depew Station (10 miles east of Buffalo) and drops you at Niagara Falls Station, New York State. There is one train a day (around 3 p.m) that will take you to Niagara Falls in Canada from Buffalo. You can book Amtrak Tickets in advance. Doing the journey in reverse, you’ll need to book on ViaRail (Canadian Rail Network). If you enjoy a train journey, check out my guide to How to Get From New York To Washington DC.

By car

Getting there by car is going to be the easiest and quickest option. The drive takes around 35-40 minutes from the airport and around 25 minutes from Downtown Buffalo. If you have your own car, check out my Google Map below for directions to the Niagara Visitor center as well as other useful points of interest. For GPS on Google Maps, head to Niagara Visitor Center Parking Lot 1.

Cost: around $80 per day rental; around $100 Rideshare | Time: Approx 25 minutes from Downtown Buffalo; 40 minutes from Buffalo Airport.

Car rental

If you’re looking for a car rental when you arrive, Hertz have a couple of rental locations within Downtown Buffalo. Otherwise, the airport is your best option with most of the popular car rental brands available. I use to compare and book my rental cars in advance. It’s easier and I’m less likely to get pressured into buying extra insurances on the spot.

Rideshare wit Uber or Lyft

Not got your own car and don’t want to rent one? It’s still possible to get to the falls by car, using a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft. Cars are readily available in Buffalo and a one-way trip from Downtown Buffalo to the USA side of the falls costs around $40-$50 (excluding tips) one-way assuming a ride time of around 30 minutes. I’d almost double that for the journey from the airport. Note: Uber and Lyft drivers are not allowed to take you across the bridge into Canada.

Peace Bridge vs Rainbow Bridge

There are two bridges to choose from if you’re crossing from the USA to Canada to see Niagara Falls. If you take the bus, you’ll walk over Rainbow Bridge. If you drive, you have a choice. Peace Bridge is located closer to Buffalo. Rainbow Bridge is in the town of Niagara Falls. Different people have different views on what’s better for crossing time and views. I recommend Rainbow Bridge because that will allow you to fit in a visit to both sides of the falls – USA and Canada.

From the Visitor Center to the falls

If you take the public bus, ask the bus driver if they will let you know when you’re at the Niagara Falls Visitor Center. The landmark you’re looking for is this “haunted house” at the cross-section of Rainbow Boulevard and Old Falls Street. It will come up on your left-hand side.

Bus stop for Niagara Falls in New York State

From there, walk a little further down Rainbow Boulevard (in the direction the bus was travelling) until you see this building – it’s technically called One Niagara Welcome Center, but don’t be fooled – the official Visitor Center is around the corner, behind this building. The name is a ploy to get you inside to buy stuff (and boy does it contain a lot of stuff – Niagara t-shirts in EVERY colour). That said, this oversized souvenir mall does have toilets if you happened to have drunk a very large coffee before getting on the bus.

One Niagara Welcome Center

If you don’t need to go inside the mall, continue on Rainbow Boulevard until you get to the end of the block at Niagara Street and turn left. Then, as you get towards Rainbow bridge, veer left towards the official (but well tucked away) official Visitor Center.

Signposts for Niagara and Prospect streets

You do have the opportunity to go over Rainbow Bridge and on to the Canadian side of the falls from here. In fact, all of the signage is aimed at getting you over the bridge, making it a bit confusing. However, I recommend spending an hour or two seeing the USA side of the falls first.

To do that, ignore the signs for the Rainbow Bridge and instead double back, behind the fake Welcome Center building onto Prospect Street. From there, you’ll reach the entrance of the USA Niagara Falls State Park and the official Visitor Center. The park is free to enter by foot so just walk right in.

Luggage Storage: A few people have asked me this. Yes – you can store luggage at the Visitor’s Center. It costs between $10-$20 per bag for the day. You can find out more here.

Entrance to Niagara Falls State Park USA side

How to cross Rainbow Bridge to the Canadian Falls

I would advise seeing the falls from both the USA and Canadian side. It’s very simple to do. Rainbow Bridge is the Bridge that spans the falls and connects the USA to Canada, and you can simply walk across it. The price is $1 each way for pedestrians and bikes. The rate is $5 one-way for cars. For a day-trip to the falls and back into the USA, US Citizens need to show either: a) a passport; b) a passport card; or c) an enhanced driver’s licence (available in some states only). More details here on ID requirements for the Canadian Falls.

How to get to Toronto from Niagara Falls or Buffalo

If you want to head on to Toronto from Niagara Falls and you’re not on a tour, the good news is there is a pretty easy public transport option. I’m assuming you’ve crossed Rainbow Bridge and are now on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. From there, take the number 12 bus to Burlington. At Burlington, you can change to the LW train that takes you into Toronto. Use the GO Transit website to plan your route and schedule. The journey takes around 3 hours including the transfer. The cost is around $10-$15 one way. If you’re travelling directly between Buffalo and Toronto, there is a direct service with either Megabus or Greyhound. You can also drive (around 1hr 30 minutes).

Where to stay in Buffalo

Buffalo is the perfect base for a visit to Niagara falls. It’s s a fun city that has a lot of restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels. Here are some of the best Buffalo hotels and places to stay in downtown Buffalo:

Niagara Falls Tours – Quick Book

If you prefer to take a tour, here are some quick-book links:

Map of How to Get To Niagara Falls

Here’s my Google Map of all the places mentioned in this article.

map of how to get from Buffalo to Niagara falls NY

That’s my guide to how to visit Niagara Falls from Buffalo. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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View of Niagara Falls from the canadian side
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    • Hi, the bus that goes to Niagara Falls also goes back to Buffalo. Just catch it on the opposite side of the road. Details in the article. Have a great trip.

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    • Hi Jernye, I may be wrong but I believe you can pay with cash only. If that’s an issue for you, it might be worth contacting the authority that runs the bridge and get them to confirm. Have a great trip.

        • Hi Alicia, good question – and I’ve updated my post to include the info. In short, you hop on the number 12 bus to Burlington. There, you change and take the train to Toronto. I haven’t done it but it takes about 3 hours and costs around $10-$15. Hope that helps!

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    • Hi Linea, I think there are 2 questions here: 1) yes, you can cross using your Danish passport; 2) if you enter the USA, you will need to have your ESTA. It’s not so expensive and is a quick fix online. However, if you’re in Canada and don’t want to pay for ESTA, you can definitely see the falls without crossing/getting Esta. Hope that helps 🙂

  4. This is brilliant! Probably taking the children to Orlando from UK next year but I wanted something for me! Thought it might be extortionate to visit NF but you’ve given me hope & now I’ve looked into it it’s actually marginally cheaper to fly to NY than it is to Orlando so hope we can combine the 2.

    • Hi Sarah, yes, it can definitely be done much cheaper and better this way. And yes, flying within the USA will cheaper than an ‘international flight’ to Canada. Have an amazing trip with the kiddies and get some you time!

  5. Jo, you are my kind of traveler! Thank you! What else did you enjoy doing in Buffalo, NY? My husband has agreed to go with me to see Niagara Falls, but it would be great to tell him other things from an experienced traveler. Thank you. 🙂

    • Hi Kay, I have a draft somewhere about things to do in Buffalo. I keep meaning to write it up. Basically, I ate all the food! Try the Weck sandwich from Charlie the Butchers and I had to try the buffalo hot wings from Anchor Bar – apparently the place where Buffalo wings were invented. Also, because I’m a huge book nerd, I went into the Buffalo Library to see the Mark Twain manuscript. Just wandering around the city is fun and I would have loved to have visited the theatre if I’d had more time…ok, I really do need to write that what do to in Buffalo post!

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    We can fly to Toronto, stay for a couple of days, hire a car and drive to the falls, stay for a couple of nights, drive back to Toronto and fly to NY.
    We can fly to NY, fly to Buffalo, drive or take the bus to the falls at the US site
    but would like to stay at the Canadian site, should we walk over the bridge and take a taxi from there …..?
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    • Hi Frieda, these are such personal choices because some people prefer big cities or certain countries. For me, I enjoyed Buffalo far more than sprawling Toronto. It felt more local and intimate compared to ‘yet another big city’. That’s my opinions…Have you thought of taking the train to Buffalo (great views) and then hiring a car locally. Good fun and ticks an environmentally friendly box 🙂

  7. I followed your directions and it all worked out like you did it hassle free. Thanks so much again for posting this.

    • Hi Andrew, that’s great to hear. Glad it worked out for you and thanks for coming back to share your experience 🙂

  8. Hi. Just found this review, fantastic, most helpful. We are flying from DC to Buffalo and the $5 bus sounds great. Can you catch this from Buffalo airport or do you need to head into town to get it ? If so, how much hassle will this be ? If it proves too much, do uber pick up from the airport as various searches give me various answers !


    Mark (UK)

    • Hi Mark, this one has come up a few times so I’ve just updated the post to include how to get from Buffalow airport to get to Niagara Falls. Have a great trip (I’m also from the UK!).

  9. Hi, great advice there. Do you happen to know how to travel from Buffalo Niagara Airport to Niagara USA Falls by bus?

    • Hi Cheryl, this one comes up a lot – thanks for the prompt. I’ve just updated the post with all the bus details. Have a great trip!

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    • Hi Ivandro – great question. I’ve looked into this for you and added a section to the post for anyone else interested in this.

  11. Omg thank you so much!
    I am also going by myself tomorrow and returning Monday night, I am staying in the Buffalo hostel as well, do you know if its safe to leave my belonging there?

    • Hi Cristina, I left my belongings in the hostel. There is a locker for your valuables and I just left my clothes in my bad with no issue at all. Have an amazing trip 🙂

  12. Thank you for putting this together. It is an awesome detailed blog on how to get from Downtown Buffalo to Niagara Falls. I will be there next month for a work trip and plan to follow this. One question I had was for the return trip back on the bus from Niagara Falls back into Downtown Buffalo. Do you go back to the same bus stop following the schedule you provided and does it cost about the same as well? Thanks so much.

    • Hi Andy, to catch the bus on the way back, you need to cross over the road. The best advice is to ask your bus driver where the return bus stop is. I remember it being a bit confusing because there is a round about and the return stop isn’t exactly opposite but the bus stop will be on the other side of the road. Have a great trip.

  13. Hi jo,
    I want so badly to visit Niagara falls. I live near Dallas, Tx so getting a flight to Buffalo NY probably won’t be
    a problem. However what’s the airport there and what reasonable hotel would I select? I believe unfortunately I will be
    traveling alone. My plan to travel would be May to September 2020 since I’ve made travel plans for 2019. The $5.00
    bus to the falls sounds great. How did you get downtown?
    Thank you

    • Hi Debbie, I do need to update this post with details of where I stayed. For now, I stayed in Hostel Buffalo Niagara, which was well located in the city, clean and very well priced. If a hostel is not for you, there are several big chain hotels in the city centre, including Hampton Inn, Hyatt, Marriott and Holiday Inn. You can usually get deals on these with sites like I travelled alone and it was absolutely fine. I stopped into a nice wine bar in the city and made a couple of new friends. I caught the Greyhound to Buffalo from Toronto so I arrived Downtown. There is a bus from the airport (204) if you’re on a budget otherwise Uber. I hope you have an amazing trip.

  14. This is exactly what we need to know. My family will visit Niagara sometime in July 2019 & we would like to take it on our own way for the tour package is so pricey. We live in UK & we’re planning to do an east coast trip ( Niagara Falls to NYC to Washington DC) from Chicago (where our other families live). We’ve never been in America nor Canada but we’re used to take train & buses when we go Euro tour ( husband hates driving while on holiday)? I wonder if you can give us more advise for our trip in NYC & Washington DC as well. Thanks for your help ?

    • Hi Olga, that sounds like an amazing trip! And perfectly doable by bus and train. I have an itinerary for Washington DC on the site. I have yet to knuckle down and write a New York itinerary (a big city and a big job) but I have written a very extensive guide to how to get to the Statue of Liberty without expensive tours, also on the site. Have a fantastic time!

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    • Thanks 🙂 I didn’t use the airport in Buffalo so can’t give first hand experience on the bus with suitcase. However, every time I have used a US bus with my luggage, it’s been fine – there’s been a section at the front to leave it. I suppose it depends on how much luggage you have. You could always swing by the bus stop and order an uber if the bus doesn’t work out? I have a post on how to trim down your packing if you’re worried. Dropping a few pounds off your luggage will make everything easier. As for at Niagara, it’s a really quick walk to the visitor centre. I hope you have an amazing trip.

    • Hi Chris, as a budget option, I stayed in Hostel Buffalo Niagara, which was well located in the city, clean and very well priced. If a hostel is not for you, there are several big chain hotels in the city centre, including Hampton Inn, Hyatt, Marriott and Holiday Inn. Thanks for the question, I’ll shortly update the post with a couple of accommodation recommendations.

  17. Thanks for the information! We are going to the Niagara Falls from Buffalo in January. I would like to ask does the bus still work in winter? Thanks

    • Hi Shao, I have included a link to the bus timetable/schedule in the post. It’s a local service that runs year round. Have a great trip.

  18. Great write-up! Most helpful blog I’ve come across. I had a question… if we Uber it to Niagra Fals from BUF ,is there a lot accessible by foot or will we be in constant need of Uber and bus service to see the US and Canadian side of the falls?

    • Hi Das, if you Uber to the falls, it’s all accessible by foot. You can then Uber back (from the US side). Have a great trip and I’m glad you found my post useful.

  19. Thank you Jo for the comprehensive information about visiting Niagara Falls. It has given me a huge amount of knowledge and will make my trip much easier.

  20. Our flight lands in Buffalo at 5:23 pm or something like that in mid October. Do you know of an airport bus to the downtown bus station? I know it will be dark so we won’t see much of the sights at that time…we are staying on the Canadian side so I think we would need to formally cross the border somehow? Likely there are no buses doing that, but we will have luggage so maybe an uber or lyft over? Any ideas for us? Thank you for a wonderful article!!

    • Hi, I’m afraid I don’t know much about the airport buses but try Google maps (it has public transport potions) or which also features routes and schedules. Uber and Lyft are both available. Think you’d just need to pop out of your ride and get stamped and either get a new ride on the other side (if the driver isn’t ok to cross). Hope that helps?

  21. Planning on visiting the falls October 16-17-18th. We are taking scenic train to Buffalo staying overnight and then going to falls on the 17th. What is the best and least expensive way to get there? Will we have enough time first day to see falls on US side and do Maid of the Mist and then walk across to Canadian side? Also is the middle of October still okay?

    • Hi Heather, as I’ve mentioned in my post, the cheapest way to get there is the $5 bus fare. Full details above. I din’t take the Maid of the Mist tour but if you have a full day I think you should be able to do both sides and the tour. I visited a month later than you so I’m sure mid-October will be wonderful. Have a great trip.

  22. Trying to plan a trip to the falls in September, 2018. I like to save money where I can and so am interested in your information. We are flying into BUF International airport. Do you know how far it is from the airport to Niagara Falls and did you take the bus from the airport? Do you have your info in a leaflet or can I print it off of here?
    Mary Fagan

    • Hi Mary,

      I just used Google maps. It includes travel options including the bus. As I mentioned in my post – read above – I travelled from downtown.

  23. Hi,

    My husband and I are actually heading to buffalo to see the falls this July.
    Your advise sounds great…just one question is there ALOT of walking. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind but just wondering.


    • Hi Elise, you can do as little or as much as you want. From the bus, I’d say there is less than a five minute walk to the entrance of the park area. You can then get to the falls view in under 10-15 minutes. Crossing the bridge to Canada is about another 10-15 minute walk. The longest stretch is to see the falls when you’re on the Canadian side. Again, I’d guess under 20 minutes but there’s a road so you should be able to find a taxi if it’s all too exhausting. You’ll probably be so distracted by the sights that you’ll forget you’re moving your legs! Have a great trip 🙂

  24. thanks so much for the info. Like you I enjoy saving money but also to do things that are maybe out of the norm. Thinking about Amtrak,but a long lay over in Buffalo,this would make things much better and cheaper.I do alot of research before I go anywhere so this really does help alot!

    • Happy to help 🙂 Yes, Buffalo to Niagara falls is definitely cheaper and a better experience in my opinion!

  25. This is an awesome idea and I didn’t know this was possible! I can now visit my dream destination, Niagara Falls!

    • Agness, happy to help. I hear so many stories of bad or cancelled tours from Toronto, if nothing else, this puts you 100% in control of your trip.


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