Indiana Jo’s First Time Around the World

Indiana Jo's First Time Around the World

Want to read about my first trip around the world? You can find my trip tales here:




*A word on quality

If this “first time around the world” series is your first stop on my website, please read something else…anything else first.

Why? Being honest, these posts are not my finest work.

When I set out in 2010 on my first around the world adventure, I started this website as a way for my family and friends to follow my journey. And while I hope that you, my readers, consider yourself to be travel friends, there’s something very informal about by writing back then when I had no blogging purpose other than chronicling my trip.

Not only that – with too much time exploring and too little time typing, I was pretty damn terrible at keeping my blog up to date (actually, that largely still applies…though I do kid myself into thinking I’m better these days). In fact, I was so bad at updating things in 2010 that by the time I’d finished writing about my travels through Central America, I’d already physically lapped my own trip (through Asia, China, India and the Middle East) and arrived back in Mexico after a three-month stop in France. If nothing else, I guess I can be impressed with myself for that feat.

But, in short – these posts are not particularly informative and are far from complete.

Great sales pitch, huh?

That being the case, you might wonder why I haven’t deleted or re-written these articles. I did think about both options but ultimately decided against it. Removing the posts altogether would be to cut out a significant part of my journey (not just the destinations I visited (and got around to writing about) but my transition from lawyer to travel adventurer, too). And re-writing feels disingenuous – at the very least, these posts capture my raw first impressions as I strapped on my backpack and set out on my around the world trip alone.

Still want to read about my first time around the world?

Well, I think that’s enough of a “quality caveat”. If you’re still interested in reading about my first time around the world, be my guest…

enter at your own reading risk

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