Indiana Jo’s First Blog Posts – Throwback To 2010

Indiana Jo Travel Blog First Post

As I prepare to sell my home and once again take to the road for an unknown length of time, I can’t help feeling like I’ve come full circle. It’s 2019 and I’ve just written about my path back to the digital nomad life. All going well, I’ll be homeless at the beginning of September, which just happens to be a full 9 years since I found myself in the same place before. Then, I was a lawyer, reeling from a failed marriage. This time I’m no longer a lawyer, but I am reeling – from bereavement and grief. Two sides of the same coin called loss.

So, it’s probably no surprise that I’m feeling nostalgic about my first around the world. I was, however, surprised to find that in a little corner of the web, my very first blog posts – which I posted on a platform called Weebly – were still online * gasp *

In a nod to all things vintage (surely a blog that’s nearly 10 years old can be called vintage?) and muscling in on the trend of being authentic (should I hashtag that?), I’m reposting my very first posts here. Let’s be honest, I’m mainly doing this for my own indulgence. But if you glean any inspiration or have a giggle along the way, that’s a bonus. 

I’ve kept all the original spelling mistaeks and typos. How’s that for being #authentic? (Nope, that felt uncomfortable. I’m definitely not a hashtag kinda girl). 

Note: I started blogging life under Jo Blogs. I thought I was very smart until I realised I didn’t own the website name and some arsehole tried to sell it to me for $5,000. Having informed him that if I managed to find $5,000 knocking around, I’d almost certainly spend it on flights, I drank a beer, had a think and came up with a new name – Indiana Jo – and instantly bought the domain. I didn’t have a single picture on any of these first blog posts so they’ve all been added since (mostly as I write this).

Ab Initio

Posted: 29 June 2010

Weebly Indiana Jo website

Note 2019: this was the first post I ever published. Way back when I was a lawyer (if the latin didn’t give it away). I lived in a cutesy English village, and fully planned to return to The Ordinary World after a one-year trip around the globe. How little I knew…

Hurray – I’ve managed to conquer the world wide web and set up a travel blog.

I’ll confess it has taken the best part of a day and may seem a bit moot at the moment given a) I haven’t actually bought a ticket (holidays don’t count) and b) I don’t know where the hell I’m going. Mere details? More importantly (I never did do that course on prioritising), I’m pleased with the pinkness of what I’ve created.

Ahhh, sigh of satisfaction. Time to put my feet up, which is probably wise as I suspect this moment will be the calm before the (exciting) storm.

One Step Closer…

Posted: 19 August 2010

Indiana Jo Backpack Porters Inca Trail
Just kidding – this wasn’t my backpack. I tried to carry what the porters had to carry on the Inca Trail. Respect to them! Also, cameras were not so good in 2010.

Very excited! I’m making some real progress. Here’s the list so far:

House sold – check
Leaving date agreed with work – check
Backpack purchased – check
Ticket purchased – check
Backpack purchased – check (sometimes you need to recognise a mistake, rectify it and move on. My second choice is much better!)

The question now is whether I can get away without packing any winter wear. High altitude and camping in South America in October screams thermals and gloves but I’m in denial.

I’m currently wondering whether a roll of tin foil (lightweight and disposable)from which I can fashion a jacket (together with my duct tape?) will act as a replacement? The realist in me suspects not 🙁

Back to the North Face shop, then. Ooh, shopping – that’s good!

Getting Ready For The Wilderness

Posted: 26 August 2010

The Americans are next-level when it comes to Halloween. Not actual footage of inside my 2010 garage.

Another night spent in the garage – very glamorous. It’s amazing how much rubbish you (I?) can accumulate and makes me wonder even more how the hell I’m going to survive with just one bag for a year. I did a trial ‘pack’ the other night and realised that a year’s stash of contact lenses, anti-malarial pills and lip balm (essential item!) pretty much fills up the space. I googled Mary Poppins’ bag. So far, no joy.

Prolonged time in the garage has also taught me that I need to get to grips with my creppy crawlie phobia PDQ. With my back pack full, there is no way I can fit a sieve and splatter pan cover in there too (my preferred apparatus for liberating home-dwelling creepies). Maybe I’ll just have to go for aversion therapy in the Amazon. I’ll let you know how that goes…my hopes aren’t high.

But at least my risk of catching a deadly disease should be reduced seeing as a nurse at my GP seem intent on giving me a small does of pretty much everything going. It was Rabies and Hep B on Monday. No foaming at the mouth, so I think I’m good. Yellow fever to look forward to next week. I’m guessing that might be a biggy given she has sent me home to read some literature first. Perhaps it’s the word ‘Solicitor’ scrawled in red on the front of my file. Don’t know what she’s worried about. In the unlikely event the shot kills me, I’m hardly likely to sue 🙂

Bionic Woman – Not!

Posted: 1 September 2010

syringe shots
Don’t worry – these were alcoholic shots. Better than rabies.

I have flu like symptoms and can’t decide whether it is just a seasonal bug or a hint of something more exotic – rabies, typhoid? I went for a further round of shots today and despite having a temperature, my ‘compressed schedule’ for jabs doesn’t allow me the luxury of heeding the advice to avoid vaccination if you’re not well 🙂

But that turned out to be the least of my problems. The first of today’s two jabs hit a nerve sending my arm into involuntary spasm. Pretty freaky to look at and not the best invitation for a second needle. Ouch. Just about recovered and ready to leave the surgery the nurse disappeared only to return with a confession…she’d not actually given me the vaccination, I’d just had a saline shot. Huge apologies and another stab later, I now have two sore arms and can confirm that getting water in the arm actually hurts more than a small drop of something deadly. Always helpful to know.

In the meantime, I’ve been sent home under instructions to ‘get better! (demand)’ before Friday for the next round. I’ve put it on the long to do list and will hopefully get round to it between 3 and 4 tomorrow.

On a more positive note, last day at work tomorrow. Can’t believe it. Wish I’d been less busy to enjoy the lead up. At this moment I’m so bone tired I am planning on spending a year sleeping!

Officially Homeless – What now?

Posted: 3 September 2010

Note 2019: To this day, I still remember walking into that pub, nervous as all hell. Alone, a car full of my remaining belongings questioning what on earth I’d done. I wish I’d got the details of that guy behind the bar because in one conversation (and very delicious sausage sandwich), he restored my faith that adventure lay ahead.

I’ve handed over the keys and I’m now without home. I had a moments panic – what the hell now. No job, no home…so I did what I always do in moments of uncertainty. I headed to the pub.

No, not for booze, it was only 10:30am which is too early even for me, but a coffee, sausage sandwich (still labouring under the misapprehension I need to put on weight), free wi-fi and some excellent travel advice from the guy behind the bar.

I’m rapidly coming to realise that most people have a travel story and are more than happy to share. I now have the name of a fantastic sounding eco-lodge in the Bolivian Amazon and some good tips for getting out of La Paz in the event of riot 🙂

I think I’m going to adjust to this work free, home free, ties-free lifestyle.

Christmas Comes Early

Posted: 16 September 2010

insect malaria pills
I appreciate this isn’t a mosquito. Typically, I’m too busy trying to stop mosquitoes sucking my blood to take a picture of them.

Thirteen boxes of anti-malarial pills. It might not sound like a lot but in total they equate to almost half of my rucksack (new house). So, I’ve spent the last half hour pushing pills through their little foil casing to redistribute them into one of those much smaller brown pill bottles. (I’m told this will not get me into trouble in Bagkok – we’ll see). Anyway, I feel like I’ve just finished the world’s longest advent calender and I’ll be expecting a full range of presents in the morning. Clearly that won’t include the credit card bill for the pills. At £2.11 per pill, a large part of me wonders whether malaria really is that bad?

Speaking of Christmas, I am hoping my brother is enjoying his new toy – my Mac (remember, Ste: it’s a lend not a giv!). Meanwhile, I’m adjusting to a netbook on windows. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It’s like going back a decade. And I nowunderstand why some of you have not been able to see the font on my blog. I will fix it as oon as I can gain enough composure to stop cusing that Gates man and throwing jam toast at the screen. Until then, please stick with me…

PS: having tried to read this back, I can barely make out the text myself (another grrrr) so please enjoy he typos. If they are anything like my bad texting skills, you shoulod have fun working out what the hell I’m trying to communicate.

One For The Oldies

Posted: 16 September 2010

Hope you’re finding the new font and colour more accessible – didn’t realise I had to do a DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) assessment before uploading. The plan was to leave all that legal mumbo-jumbo behind me 🙂  Clearly you can throw the girl out of the law society but you can’t throw the law out of the girl…or something like that.

Happy Friday.  Three more sleeps – argh!

I’ve Arrived

Madrid first picture I took
This is the very first picture I took on my around the world trip. Standing in Puerta del Sol feels like a million light years ago now but it still triggers that same sense of nerves and excitement I felt.

Posted: 20 September 2010

Well, I have survived the first leg of my journey, including negotiating the Metro in madrid with my biggus bagus (my Spanish is coming on a treat!). The whole ´public transport´and arriving at an airport was new to me and I had to force myself away from the taxi rank, but I did it – how else will I afford my spa tomorrow? 🙂

Hostel is decent enough considering the lack of any stars but I am a little dismayed to discover from the guy running the place that the Spanish pronunciation of the ´J´in Jo makes me ´Ho´. Nice. At least there is free coffee and a cleaner. Just like home!

Right, that´s enough chit’chat. I have a city to explore – Tapas and Tio Pepe for me (the last bit is a lie but sounds Spanish).

I will leave you all with a sample of the crazy letters on this Spanish keyboard¨?¿¿?ñ?¿çñ

Want to read more? If did transfer a few of my original blog posts from my first around the world trip in 2010-2011, you can find them here. If you want more, leave a comment below and I can dig out the others and repost them on this site. 

3 thoughts on “Indiana Jo’s First Blog Posts – Throwback To 2010”

  1. Yes ‘Ho’, got a giggle out of that one! Fascinating to read the early days. Am hoping to become nomadic my self in 2021, a health issue for my husband is changing how that looks. However I don’t want to die sweeping the floor either and personally have given up boiling eggs in reference to your most recent post. Good luck, I will be living vicariously through you.

  2. Thanks so much, enjoying reading your posts this Saturday morning. Stumbled on your blog via searching for plane seat maps and tips on surviving “long haul flights” – a bit late in my travel game as I have made many trips over the years from my home in Ohio in the USA to London, where my daughter went to university and now lives with her family (my son in law is British, and I am lucky to now have two grandkids!). Because I am committed to visiting them nearly each year, I generally do not actually travel any where else, as I spend my “travel budget” going there, and also to Brooklyn, to visit my son and his family. But I have learned some great tips from you, and it’s been fun to learn about your travel history and your adventures. I will be checking back! Best of luck with your around the world trip – love your humor and positive, upbeat vibe! Thank you!

    • Thanks Jan – sounds like you have a lovely family that gives you plenty of travel opportunities. You can take plenty of side-trips from London to elsewhere in Europe if you want to get more experience for your transatlantic outlay! Happy travels!


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