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Europe ButtonWhat? No more articles on Europe?!

I do have some – promise…they’re just currently locked up inside my brain and the second I get a chance to set them free, you’ll find them here.

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  1. Steph Lomax
    Steph Lomax at | | Reply

    Have you been to Prague i am going for a short weekend 3 days max. Any tips o eating out and the best places to see on a short trip. A group of girlies in their 50s who like to have fun and experience the culture.

  2. Eileen
    Eileen at | | Reply

    Loved your tips on visiting Venice. Any recommendations for Athens?

  3. Vibha Vadul
    Vibha Vadul at | | Reply

    Any tips for 5 days in malta in November?

  4. Margie Kozich
    Margie Kozich at | | Reply

    Any tips on traveling to the Netherlands?

  5. Hotel Auditor
    Hotel Auditor at | | Reply

    Hey Indiana, Hungary is also an amazing country when will you take a little visit to there? Whet your appetite you can find one – two relevant tourist articles on my blog 🙂

  6. Barbara Phi
    Barbara Phi at | | Reply

    Tried to leave Poland related comments on Facebook but the system didn’t cooperate.

    I liked Warsawbut loved Kraków. Wa there on tour and disengaged because much of what was on offer was not accessible. I walk with a cane.

    Kraków has a wpnderful market and town square. Good restaurants and excellent crafts. Best buys are small pottery items and Amber if that is your thing.

    There is a da Vinci oil, Woman with Ermine on display at the castle, which is rather grand. I was moved by the Katyn memorial, just a cross but the history is gut wrenching.

    Also went to Auschwiitz and Birkenau plus Treblinka. All harrowing but good for the soul. The black madonna at Jasna Gora is also significant but move too fast and you can miss it. People were amazing food quite good, except set Jasna Gora where I Think they cater for abstemious pilgrims! Personally not impressed with pierogi, dumplings, but worth a try if you are keen. Not a great country for vegetarians, options were limited. Lots of wine and great vodka.
    You’ll enjoy it and I wish you a safe journey. Cheers is Na zdrowie, the rest was fine in English, and I wasn’t with the tour group! However I can send the 9 essential words if that helps. I’m crossing from Paris to Istanbul by train later in the year so will read of your exploits with interest.

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