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  1. Tammy Horne
    Tammy Horne at | | Reply

    You might get this twice, so sorry. I was wondering if they allow dogs on the ferry from topolobampo to La Paz

  2. Mike Davidson
    Mike Davidson at | | Reply

    Thank you very much Jo.

  3. Mike Davidson
    Mike Davidson at | | Reply

    I am an American married to a native of Northern Ireland living in England. I am trying to talk my wife into a holiday in Malaga. She, like myself is a bit wary as we don’t want to be surrounded by British lager louts and rowdies, signs advertising Sky Sports, full English breakfasts, kareokes, quiz nights, etc. We want a Spanish holiday, not to visit an enclave of British expatriates. I work with English people who also hate going away to places dominated by those give this country a bad name and reputation. I doubt the area could be considered the “real” Spain, but I am hoping there is still something left of untainted Spanish culture in Malaga.

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