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    • Hi Tammy, I don’t have direct experience but a quick Google search tells me you can take dogs on Baja ferries but they need to be crated. If you’re still unsure, I’d recommend messaging the ferry company. Have a great trip!

  1. I am an American married to a native of Northern Ireland living in England. I am trying to talk my wife into a holiday in Malaga. She, like myself is a bit wary as we don’t want to be surrounded by British lager louts and rowdies, signs advertising Sky Sports, full English breakfasts, kareokes, quiz nights, etc. We want a Spanish holiday, not to visit an enclave of British expatriates. I work with English people who also hate going away to places dominated by those give this country a bad name and reputation. I doubt the area could be considered the “real” Spain, but I am hoping there is still something left of untainted Spanish culture in Malaga.

    • Hi Mike, I completely understand your and your wife’s concerns about going to this part of Spain – it was a worry I had myself before I got to Malaga and I can absolutely recommend Malaga as an amazing Spanish holiday destination. I say this with the caveat that I spent my whole time in the city’s historic centre, so can’t vouch for the coastal resort parts. I’d recommend finding a hotel in the city centre and using that as a base. If you want beach days, you can walk to Malagueta beach in around 10-15 minutes. However, there are enough sights in Malaga itself that you can happily stay occupied without beach days. The port is beautiful and there’re heaps of Spanish restaurants…some are naturally more touristy but equally easy to avoid. Hope you decide to go and see that the stereotype I (and probably you) have about Malaga doesn’t have to be true! Happy travels.


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