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Best Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

Best Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

Want to know what the best destinations for solo female travelers are? I've traveled to over 50 countries, usually alone. Here are my recommended places.... Read more →
The 10 Weirdest Places I've Been

The 10 Weirdest Places I’ve Been

I was recently asked "where's the weirdest place you've been". With +50 countries to choose from, here are my nominations for the weirdest places on earth... Read more →
where to stay in hawaii on a budget

Backpacking Hawaii? Where to Stay in Hawaii on a Budget

Backpacking Hawaii or just on a budget, there's no need to spend a lot to sleep in Hawaii. Hostels have private rooms as well as dorms and superior quality.... Read more →
Which Hawaiian Island to Visit

How to Visit Pearl Harbor Hawaii for Only $5

How to visit Pearl Harbor Hawaii iincluding Pearl Harbor tours, visiting without a tour ($5), things to do at Pearl Harbor and ticket details.... Read more →
Which Hawaiian Island to Visit

Which Hawaiian Island To Visit?

Choose which Hawaiian island to visit, which is the best Hawaiian island to visit, things to do in Hawaii and maps of the Hawaiian islands... Read more →
Around the world

Video – Watch 3 Years of Travel in 3 Minutes

Ever wondered what an around the world trip looks like? My 1 year trip turned into a 3 year extravaganza. Here's 3 years of travel captured in 3 minutes.... Read more →