I’ve Eaten And I’ve Prayed, So Where The F#ck Is Love? Is Travel Good For A Break-Up?

“Everybody who travels has had a breakup.” It was an observation from someone who happened to be happily ensconced in a healthy relationship.  I smiled, about to deny it, but I knew she was pretty close to the truth. Besides college gap-year travellers, a significant number of the people I’ve meet on the road have had an event in their life that has torn them away from the path they were once on.  Redundancy, work burn-out or the death of someone close can be real eye-openers that propel people to walk a different way in life…at least for a while. … Read more

Video – Watch 3 Years of Travel in 3 Minutes

Around the world

On 20th September 2010 I set off on an around the world trip that I thought would last a year. As my career break came to an end, I knew that I couldn’t go back – not because I’d done anything illegal (that I’d been caught for), but because wanderlust has taken root so deep that continuing seemed the only bearable option. Three years later I’m still going. If you’ve ever wondered what I’ve spent my last three years doing or what an around the world trip looks like, here it is – one 3-year extravaganza of travel captured in … Read more

My Round The World Trip – 10 Things I’d Do Differently

If you read my recent post 101 Ways Travel Changed Me, you’ll know that this month marks the third anniversary since I set off on an around the world trip that would change my life, career and home forever. And what a trip it was. However, every adventure has room for improvement, so, with the benefit of hindsight, here are 10 things I would have done differently on my around the world trip. 1. Taken a different camera I bought a relatively expensive point and shoot camera for my trip, a Sony Cybershot DSC-TX5. It cost around $350 at the … Read more

101 Ways Travel Changed Me

Travel Changed Me

Whether it’s your intention or not, there is no doubt that travel changes us. Whether it is in some profound, revelatory way or just a few additional skills to add to your life tool-belt. This month is the 3rd anniversary since I took off on my round the world trip that would ultimately change my life (even if I didn’t know it at the time). These travel anniversaries always spark a period of reflection. So, here is: 101 Ways Travel Changed Me I get lost (a bit) less I can ride a camel…side-saddle…for days…without crying I appreciate my family and … Read more

Tips For Your First Time Stay In A Hostel

stay in a hostel

A couple of weekends ago I spent a day in London catching up with my old college room-mate, co-conspirator and long-term best friend. Of course, we see each other when we can but between her adorable children and my flighty nature, getting a full 24-hours together free of laptops and nappies is near impossible. So, we booked a date months in advance and had the promise of Afternoon Tea at the Langham Hotel to delight us while we exchanged gossip. But that wasn’t the only thing I was excited about – I’d managed to convinced my friend to stay at Clink78 … Read more

Is Naples Safe? What Naples Is Really Like

Is Naples Safe?

Beyond stupid in Naples yet strangely safe It was 3 a.m. and I was wandering the streets of Naples, lost, alone, under the influence of alcohol and with little choice but to check my location on my iPhone. I was breaking every rule on my travel safety list and a few besides. I was stupid beyond belief and yet I walked through the Saturday night streets without trouble. If you believe the travel forums, it was statistically inevitable that I would come to harm in some way but look as I did, there were no thieves, no Mafia bosses and … Read more

Why All Female Dorms Are An All Round Bad Idea

all female dorm

It’s an easy mistake to make, assuming that sleeping in all female dorms is a better idea than sharing with smelly boys when you travel, but after years of sharing rooms with both sexes, I’m firmly of the view that mixed-dorms are the much better option. Here’s why all female dorms are an all round bad idea.                                        1. Girls are messy Say what you want about boys leaving socks on the floor, women operate in their own league when it comes … Read more

Is it Safe for Women to Travel Alone?

Is it safe for women to travel alone? As a girl who wanders the world by herself I get asked this question a lot. However, the subject has received even more attention in recent weeks following media coverage of the rape and death of a young woman in India, the tragic murder last month of an America woman in Turkey and most recently the rape of a group of six Spanish women in Mexico. (Incidentally the six women were travelling with men.) With these tragic attacks at the forefront of our news it is no surprise to me that the issue … Read more

50 Signs You’re A Long Term Traveler Not A Tourist

‘How long have you been going for?’ comes up more than once a day when you’re travelling and I struggle to give a simple answer. This trip, I will have been away from the UK for exactly one month today. However, that’s not the entire reality. The longer answer is that I left ‘home’ in September 2010 and have been bouncing around the world with no fixed abode ever since. Sure, I had a three month stint in France where I was in one spot (mainly the patisserie) for a while and I have been back to the UK on … Read more