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Real Jamaica

An Itinerary Through Real Jamaica

Want to explore real Jamaica? Escape the resorts with this itinerary for Jamaica including where to go, what to see, where to stay and safety advice.... Read more →
WHAT TO eat in Jamaica

What to Eat in Jamaica: Traditional Jamaican Food

Want to know what to eat in Jamaica? Looking to try some traditional Jamaican food (and drinks) - here's what and where to eat from my visit to Jamaica.... Read more →
Lake Austin Spa Resort Kickstart Fitness

How to Kickstart Fitness Without Sacrificing Happiness

Looking to kickstart fitness? After decades of trying, I've found a way to kickstart a new fitness regime in just a few days without sacrificing happiness.... Read more →
Best gifts for travellers

Best Gifts for Travelers

Never buy a dud gift again with these 40 best gifts for travelers written by a travel expert. Includes gadgets, susbcriptions and light items... Read more →
Best places to visit in Colombia

The Best Places to Visit in Colombia

After spending two months of travel in Colombia, here's my list of the best places to visit in Colombia and what to see and things to do in Colombia.... Read more →
Best Things to Do in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Best Things to Do in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Taking a trip to Mexico's Riviera Maya/Yucatan? Here's a list of the best things to do in Yucatan peninsula with tips from someone who's been!... Read more →