25 Best Snowboarding Tips For Beginners

Women snowboarders on snow

Snowboarding is one of the most thrilling winter sports. It’s a way to blend skill and creativity while deeply connecting with the mountains and snowboarding community. Plus, it gets you super fit and looks good, too. But how do you get started? From choosing a board and gear to making your first turns, here are … Read more

50 Beautiful Sunset Pictures From Around The World

Orange sunset in La Paz Mexico

As someone once said, I’ve not met a sunset I didn’t like. So, as the sun sets on another year, I thought I’d gather together my favourite sunset pictures from my travels around the world. I’ve taken all of these pictures myself and done little to no editing. I’ve also included a video slideshow of … Read more

101 Travel Themed Things To Do When You’re Bored At Home

Aerial view of sea and land from a plane

Bored? Read on for 101 things to do when you’re bored. They’re all travel themed so you can scratch your travel itch and satisfy your wanderlust all without leaving home. If you are stuck at home for a prolonged period, unable to travel, it’s very likely you’re bored. Here’s my suggestions for 101 travel themed … Read more

101 Things to Do When It’s Raining on Holiday

boats in the harbour in the rain

I travelled thousands of miles to escape England’s winter weather, yet the rain followed me. When you arrive in a country expecting sun (and the contents of your suitcase reflect exactly that), it can throw you off course. My intended itinerary had been a few weeks travelling up South Africa’s coastline along the famous Garden … Read more

50 Biggest Culture Shock Experiences

Culture shock is defined as the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone when they are suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes. For me, culture shock is that ‘oh, wow’ moment when you lock eyes on something that you’ve never seen before and you know that it will stay with you … Read more

15 Best Travel Videos That Will Make You Want to Pack a Bag

View of manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge

Even travel addicts need to stop every now and again. So, what does a serious wanderluster do when they are not on the road? Watch travel videos (travel films for us Brits) of other people travelling, of course. I’ve put together this list of the best travel videos. Whether you’re stuck in a cubicle with … Read more

10 Travel Experiences You Should Have In Your Lifetime

Open road in USA with no traffic

“Where is your favourite place” It’s the question I’m asked most frequently and yet it’s the question I find most difficult to answer. Not just because there are so many places that have made an impression on me but because I can’t help feel like people are asking me the wrong question. Travel, although most … Read more

The 10 Weirdest Places On Earth

Thai prison massage centre

I get asked on a regular basis where is the best place I’ve visited. It’s a hard question to answer because over the years I’ve fallen in love with so many destinations and all for different reasons. However, someone asked me a slightly different version of this travel question the other day: where is the … Read more