101 Ways Travel Changed Me

Travel Changed Me

Whether it’s your intention or not, there is no doubt that travel changes us. Whether it is in some profound, revelatory way or just a few additional skills to add to your life tool-belt. This month is the 3rd anniversary since I took off on my round the world trip that would ultimately change my life (even if I didn’t know it at the time). These travel anniversaries always spark a period of reflection. So, here is: 101 Ways Travel Changed Me I get lost (a bit) less I can ride a camel…side-saddle…for days…without crying I appreciate my family and … Read more

Why Being A Freelance Writer Isn’t Always A Dream Job

“You’re a freelance writer, that’s amazing!!” I hear this a lot but there came a point in 2012, after a year of being a freelance writer for various online websites, all I could muster was a disenchanted shrug. I’d quit law, travelled the world and decided to try my hand at a new career – freelance writing. I was knocked out by the fact I found work writing for sites online so quickly and in a matter of months had managed to generate enough to live on (in Mexico, at least). So, why wasn’t I waking up with the world’s … Read more

10 Tips For How To Start A Travel Blog – What I Wish I’d Know

So, you’re off on a once in a lifetime trip (or even just a jaunt to the next town over) and want to start a travel blog? Here’s what I wish I’d known before I began my travel blog. 1. Define Your Purpose People start travel blogs for many different reasons. Mine was initially set up to keep my friends and family up to date on my trip, provide a record for myself and scratch my writing itch. Other people want a place to showcase the best of their photography, to network with other travellers and bloggers and some people … Read more