How To Become A Digital Nomad – Beginner’s Guide

indiana jo in a hammock

You close your laptop and look out at the ocean. The sun is about to set, so you order a cocktail, lean back in your chair, and feel a sense of satisfaction. Tomorrow, you’ll hop on a scooter and explore the island. This is the dream digital nomad life. After living and working as a … Read more

7 Steps For Starting A Successful Travel Blog

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You’ve decided to start a travel blog? Congratulations! I’ve been blogging since 2010 and in a good year, I can earn over $100,000. It can be a dream career but it’s competitive and there’s a lot to learn. I’ve created this post as a framework and packed it with tonnes of resources. While you can … Read more

Why Your Shouldn’t Regret Quitting Your Job to Travel

Quote: we are not retreating - we are advancing in a different direction, douglas macarthur

It was my birthday this week. It’s a date that always prompts a bit of navel gazing, and this year my thoughts were focused on my career. I’ve never been the kind of person who draws up and maintains a five-year plan (my commitment issues are too great). However, even it I had, there is no … Read more