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Life after being a digital nomad for 5 years (1)

Coming home after being a digital nomad for 5 years…

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that I left the UK in 2010 and have been roaming the globe, living the digital nomad lifestyle ever since. You’ll also know that a ridiculous knee injury in the British Virgin Islands has put me on less glamorous British National Health Service waiting list for ACL reconstruction. It involves hamstrings and scalpels… Read more →

What's it like when you quit the digital nomad lifestyle after 5 years and finally go home? From the good to the bad and the ugly, here's the truth you need to know.... Read more →
Best travel Blogs Ever

Indiana Jo’s Best Travel Blogs Ever

Looking for the best travel blogs ever on Indiana Jo? Read on… I usually start the New Year with a wish list of the places I want to visit in the coming year (you can see where I wanted to go in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015). Sometimes I get to the places as planned. More often than not, I… Read more →

Some of the best travel blogs on Indiana Jo. From Africa to Asia to missed flights to the travel around Italy, there's something for every traveler.... Read more →
accepting guest posts

Indiana Jo: Now Accepting Guest Posts

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CONTACTED ME. I NOW HAVE WHAT I NEED SO WON’T BE ACCEPTING ANY MORE GUEST POSTS AT THIS STAGE. I’m going on holiday! Yeah, yeah, I know…my whole life is a holiday (or so my family and friends think) but while I finish up exploring Madrid and then go off exploring the Greek Islands, I thought it might be… Read more →

Indiana Jo, an award winning travel blog, is accepting guest posts for a limited time only.... Read more →
myths about travel blogging for money

10 Myths About Travel Blogging for Money

Think you know the truth about travel blogging for money? Here are 10 myths…and the reality. Working as a digital nomad and travelling the world is the modern-day dream job for those with wanderlust  particularly if your vision of a travel blogger is someone who spends all day sitting on the beach, interspersing their tanning with a few tweets and sipping… Read more →

Travel blogging for money - you work four hours from the beach and see millions in passive income roll in? Here are 10 myths about travel blogging for money... Read more →
Best Wordpress Plugins for Blogs

15 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs

I seem to spend a lot of time talking about the best WordPress plugins for blogs, particular people who are just starting out. So, to save me some jaw ache, it’s time I made a proper list. If you’re in the early stages of starting a travel blog, you may want to check out my related post: So, you want… Read more →

Going to start a travel blog or you're already up and running and looking for the best Wordpress plugins for blogs? Here's my 15 essential Wordpress plugins... Read more →
How to work and travel

20 Tips for How to Work and Travel …without going insane (Part 2)

Want to find out how to work and travel …without driving yourself insane? In this 2 part series, I explain how, after 4 years on the road, I’ve finally figured it out. This is part 2. You may want to read part 1 first. How to Work and Travel …without going insane 11. Find an “office” system that works and… Read more →

Part two of my tips for how to work and travel, how to blog from the road and no suck (too much) at being a digital nomad.... Read more →