Is Uber Safe to Use: Meet the Faces of Uber

Bright car with painted stripes

I’m an Uber user. I’m also a 5ft tall woman who travels around the world solo. And I regularly get asked whether Uber is safe to use. Worse, I often get told that Uber isn’t safe. Usually by people who’ve never taken an Uber. So, what’s the deal? Is Uber safe or not? If Uber’s done … Read more

What To Do When You Feel Lonely Travelling Alone

Woman staring out of window alone in black and white

I’ve been at this solo travel a while now – in fact, last week marked five years since I quit my job as a lawyer and set off on a one-year adventure that still hasn’t come to an end. And along with the highs of travelling solo, of which there have been many, there are still times when … Read more

“Finding Myself”: The Uncomfortable Journey

Sea in Puglia

That first time traveling alone can be daunting – a new location, a life left behind and no idea what the future holds. Yet not many people share these stories of the hard moments. They shout from the rooftops about how they’re travelling the world and living the dream. In this post, my guest writer, Mary … Read more

10 Great Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

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What are the best destinations for solo female travelers? It’s a good question and one I’ve given a lot of thought to. I travel as a solo female traveler about 98% of the time. I travel around 9 months per year. And I’ve been doing that for over four years. Oh, and I’ve visited over … Read more

10 Reasons to Travel Alone (and 10 Reasons Not To)

Lady alone looking sad in Japan

For the past four years I’ve been travelling the world on my own. Many solo travellers will tell you it’s the BEST. THING. EVER. And most of the time it is. But sometimes, and not that infrequently, it can really suck to wander the world on your lonesome. Here I will share with you my 10 … Read more

21 Tips for Eating Out Alone – From A Frequent Solo Diner

woman in red dress alone in restaurant

Eating out alone can be an incredibly daunting prospect and it took me a very long time (I’m talking years not days weeks or months) to become fully comfortable with the act. Read on for my tips that helped me get comfortable with regularly eating out alone. After strolling up to a packed restaurant on a … Read more

16 Tips For Travelling After A Break-Up

Love Lane road sign in Penang

“Everybody who travels has had a breakup.” It was an observation from someone who happened to be happily ensconced in a healthy relationship.  I smiled, about to deny it, but I knew she was pretty close to the truth. Besides college gap-year travellers, a significant number of the people I’ve meet on the road have … Read more

Why All Female Dorms Are An All Round Bad Idea

bikinis hanging on a wall in a female hostel dorm

It’s an easy mistake to make, assuming that sleeping in all female dorms is a better idea than sharing with smelly boys when you travel, but after years of sharing rooms with both sexes, I’m firmly of the view that mixed-dorms are the much better option. Here’s why all female dorms are an all round … Read more

What To Do When You Fall Out With Your Travel Companion

Whether you start your trip with a partner/existing friend or meet someone along the way, there are bound to be times during your long-term travels when you find yourself travelling with someone else, which can be great…until you fall out with your travel companion. I have form for doing a moonlight flit. I’ve done it … Read more

Is it Safe for Women to Travel Alone?

Indiana Jo at shooting range in Hawaii

Is it safe for women to travel alone? As a girl who wanders the world by herself I get asked this question a lot. However, the subject has received even more attention following media coverage of the rape and death of a young woman in India, the tragic murder of an America woman in Turkey … Read more