50 Best Travel Books of All Time

What is it about a book that can transport you to a new destination in just a few pages? Whether you’re planning a trip or just dreaming of taking one, picking up a book about travel – or even a book that has such an evocative setting, it has the same effect, it’s one way to travel when you can’t quite get there in person. In this list, I’ll share what I consider are the best travel books of all time. There’s be a good smattering of the top travel books that rightly deserve to be on a list like this, … Read more

The Best Travel Backpacks – Tried & Tested

There are a lot of articles on the internet about the best backpack for travel, so why read this one? Because I travel. A lot. I spent over 6 years as a digital nomad living out of a bag, and for the most part, that bag was one of these backpacks. From epic round-the-world trips to summers in Europe to long-stays in cities and weeks trekking through jungles, I’ve packed and re-packed more times than I can count. And I’ve worked my way through a few backpacks in that time, too. What follows is a guide to choosing a bag together with a … Read more

Best Gifts for Travelers

Best gifts for travellers

What are the best gifts for travelers? When I had a static location and endless cupboards to stash my possessions (instead of a nylon rucksack for my home), gift shopping for me was much simpler. These days, as family and friends watch me select clothes based on weight and drying speed, I can understand the trickery they face as the gift-giving season approaches. Having travelled full-time for the past five years, I’m very tuned into what a traveler does (and does not) need. Make sure you never buy a dud gift for your global wanderer again. Here’s a list of the categories of gifts covered – … Read more

What are the Best Shoes for Travelling?

During four years as a full-time wanderer, I’ve been on an endless search for the best shoes for travelling. From trekking to every day wear to smart shoes that travel well, here’s my tried and tested review of the best travel shoes.  Note: Guys, this article works equally well for you too…except you might not agree with my colour choice of pink… If you’d have asked me back in 2010 what were the best shoes for travelling, I’d have said flip-flops and the conversation would have quickly moved on. That year I travelled for nearly 14 months moving between cities, beaches and … Read more

10 Best Travel Gadgets For Your Trip

With my next big trip coming up, I have packing on my mind. I’ve previously written about the 10 Travel Essentials I Wouldn’t Travel Without and I’ve also shared my experience of downsizing to carry-on luggage. Given that around one-third of my travelling gear (in size and weight) is made up of gadgets and their chargers, this seemed like the next sensible packing topic. Although one-third of my baggage may sound like an excessive number of travel gadgets, compared to your average office size, it’s a pretty compact outfit (I don’t pack a desk, chair or coffee machine, for example). … Read more

The Art of Packing Light

    I vividly remember sitting in the empty shell of my house after the removal men had taken away all but my last possessions. The only items that remained were my bed, which would be collected the next day, and a spare-room full of stuff I’d explicitly told the men not to touch on pain of death. It was September 2010 and that spare-room full of stuff represented the packing shortlist for my year trip around the world. The problem was, I didn’t have the slightest clue how to whittle down the items that filled the room. I looked … Read more

The 10 Travel Essentials I Wouldn’t Travel Without

    As I pack my backpack for the last time this year, wondering why I’ve bought so much fresh coffee to take home, and what on earth I need to throw away in order to fit it into my bag, it occurs to me that after two years of travelling, there is very little in my backpack that isn’t a travel essential…which only serves to make my packing predicament more difficult. While I sit contemplating taking all 15kg (33lb) of my belongings on a boozy night out (experience tells me that’s how I’m best able to part company with … Read more