The 10 Travel Essentials I Wouldn’t Travel Without

    As I pack my backpack for the last time this year, wondering why I’ve bought so much fresh coffee to take home, and what on earth I need to throw away in order to fit it into my bag, it occurs to me that after two years of travelling, there is very little in my backpack that isn’t a travel essential…which only serves to make my packing predicament more difficult. While I sit contemplating taking all 15kg (33lb) of my belongings on a boozy night out (experience tells me that’s how I’m best able to part company with … Read more

How To Tell if Online Reviews are Fake

To Trust Travel Reviews

I get asked regularly which travel websites I use for recommendations on where to stay, where to eat, where’s good for wi-fi, the best place for breathing. If there’s an activity out there, then you can place money on the likelihood of there being a website capturing people’s opinions on whether the thing in question is good, bad or downright ugly. Trip Advisor, Yelp, Four Square, Hostel World  and Hostel Bookers, an entire market has sprung up for review sites telling you not only where to go, but what to eat, drink or do when you get there. I’ve even … Read more

Best Hostels in Latin America

Whenever I meet travelers en route to South or Central America, I’m always quick to pass on my list of recommended hostels in Latin America, not least because I know what it’s like to turn up at a place and wonder if Hell might have any vacancies as a better alternative.    A hostel, the facilities, the kind of travellers it attracts, the location and the cost can all have a huge impact on your travel experience. Equally, repeatedly trawling my tiny brain for the name of that place in that town, that is just on the tip of my … Read more

50 Signs You’re A Long Term Traveler Not A Tourist

‘How long have you been going for?’ comes up more than once a day when you’re travelling and I struggle to give a simple answer. This trip, I will have been away from the UK for exactly one month today. However, that’s not the entire reality. The longer answer is that I left ‘home’ in September 2010 and have been bouncing around the world with no fixed abode ever since. Sure, I had a three month stint in France where I was in one spot (mainly the patisserie) for a while and I have been back to the UK on … Read more

Indiana Jo’s First Blog Posts – Throwback To 2010

As I prepare to sell my home and once again take to the road for an unknown length of time, I can’t help feeling like I’ve come full circle. It’s 2019 and I’ve just written about my path back to the digital nomad life. All going well, I’ll be homeless at the beginning of September, which just happens to be a full 9 years since I found myself in the same place before. Then, I was a lawyer, reeling from a failed marriage. This time I’m no longer a lawyer, but I am reeling – from bereavement and grief. Two … Read more