40 Travel Safety Tips for a Stress-Free Trip

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I’ve spent fourteen years as a travel writer, which included six years travelling full-time as a woman on my own. In that time, my travel safety knowledge has increased dramatically. Mostly, I’ve learned from other people’s mistakes. But I’ve had a few unpleasant scrapes myself. Here are the safety tips I give my family and … Read more

Denied Boarding – Passport Expired after Brexit?

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Update: I got a refund from Easyjet via ADR – see my update below. On Thursday 21 October 2021 I stood at the gate at Manchester Airport waiting to board the 15:45 Easyjet flight to Malaga, Spain. I was with my friend. We were going on a three night trip, coming back on Sunday 24. … Read more

Round The World Trip Planner & Weekly Checklist

I bought my first around the world ticket in 2010. I spent the next 5 years buying 5 tickets more. Not all of them took me in a complete loop around the world but they took me on adventures that lasted several months each time: Latin America, Asia, Africa, North America and Europe. Although the … Read more

The Best Travel Sites for Trip Planning

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Planning a trip can be a hassle. There are so many different travel resources out there from review sites to flight search tools to maps and apps. Even as someone who has many years travelling full time, it can all get a bit confusing and, usually, the second you think you’ve settled on your favourite … Read more

How To Work Out Your Travel Budget – 7 Easy Steps

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“How much does it cost to travel to [Spain/Japan/for 3 months in Mexico/Around the World*]” *insert trip plans as appropriate I get asked this question a lot. After three dull head thumps on my desk, I have to start my response with, “It depends…” Do you want to stay at 5-star hotels? Are you going … Read more

How to Plan a Trip Itinerary – Step-By-Step Guide

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Taking your dream trip is one of the most exciting things you can do. Planning that trip, not so much. Stressful and at times overwhelming, it can be a challenge to know where to start. The good new: I’m going to take you through everything you need to know about planning your trip. From planning your … Read more

How to Book Cheap Hotels with Priceline Express Deals

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As a full-time traveller, if there’s one thing I know, it’s how to find great travel deals. I’m have ninja skills when it comes finding cheap flights, I got over $300 worth of free taxi rides in the USA in one month this year and when I book hotels I’m regularly securing rates that are 30%-60% … Read more

101 Tips – How To Book Cheap Flights

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I’ve flow from the UK to Paris for €5 (total price), I just booked my flight home for Christmas (New York’s JFK to London Heathrow) for £75 and I’ve recently flown half-way across Colombia for under $50. How? A combination of experience, sheer will and a fair number of flight booking tips and tricks that … Read more

Dynamic Pricing: Flight Pricing’s Biggest Scam?

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What is dynamic pricing? Want to find out how this discriminatory pricing practice used by airlines, is pushing up the cost of your flights? And, most importantly, want to understand how to beat the system to get cheaper prices? Read on… Once upon a time, I was a consumer protection lawyer and although I traded my … Read more

How To Spend Air Miles To Maximise Your Points

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This is part of a series about travel hacking in the UK. Here you will find details about using your air miles but you may also be interested to read: Can You Really Fly for Free Choosing a UK Air Miles Credit Card How to Earn Flyer Miles Using Air Miles I have to say … Read more