13 Funny Travel Stories – When Travel Goes Amusingly Wrong

Have you ever felt like the Travel Gods are mocking you? You know, one of those trips where you have become more of a travel comedy than a travel pro, where you can’t seem to do right for doing wrong and you go to sleep each night wondering whether to laugh or cry…or both? As I reminisce the highs and lows of my most recent trip, it occurs to me that this particular foray into foreign lands came with more than the average number of challenges – I managed to amass enough travel stories to last a life time.  For … Read more

What To Do When You Fall Out With Your Travel Companion

Whether you start your trip with a partner/existing friend or meet someone along the way, there are bound to be times during your long-term travels when you find yourself travelling with someone else, which can be great…until you fall out with your travel companion. I have form for doing a moonlight flit. I’ve done it definitely once, creeping out in the dark of night to catch a flight my ex-travel companion didn’t know I’d booked and even as I write this I am grazing alternative accommodation arrangements having misjudged the character qualities of my current travel companion. But does it … Read more

If you Can’t Be Brave, Be Stupid

Be Brave

Screaming the entire way, I twisted my body through the crack and dropped into the water below. I was treading water in the dark wondering how the hell I was going to fit through the tiniest crack in the rock when I had a flashback. I’d been in exactly this situation before, in Guatemala, about a year previous and I’d sworn then I’d never get myself into the same fix again. Yet, there I was, chin deep in frigid dank water, this time without a candle between my teeth and instead of a waterfall to scale up by rope I … Read more

Indiana Jo’s First Blog Posts – Throwback To 2010

As I prepare to sell my home and once again take to the road for an unknown length of time, I can’t help feeling like I’ve come full circle. It’s 2019 and I’ve just written about my path back to the digital nomad life. All going well, I’ll be homeless at the beginning of September, which just happens to be a full 9 years since I found myself in the same place before. Then, I was a lawyer, reeling from a failed marriage. This time I’m no longer a lawyer, but I am reeling – from bereavement and grief. Two … Read more