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Turning 40 Life

So, that was my 30s…

On the eve of my 30th birthday, I wasn’t where I was supposed to be. I should have been at home, putting together the final plans for my birthday celebration. Instead, I was hundreds of miles away dreading a funeral. It turned out to be a sign of things to come: my 30’s would be defined as the decade where… Read more →

The Things I No Longer Say

The Things I No Longer Say

The lies I’ve started to tell… I’m in law. I work in retail. I work in a hotel. I’m an administrator. I work in a bar. I’m a data entry person.  These are the answers I’ve started to give when people ask (and they always ask) what I do. None of the answers are true, of course, not any more, although… Read more →

Is Detroit Safe?

Is Detroit Safe? The Answer From Someone Who’s Been

Is Detroit safe? With well above average crime statistics and no end of scare stories in the media, read what it's really like in Detroit for tourists.... Read more →
Is Uber Safe to Use: Meet the Faces of Uber

Is Uber Safe to Use: Meet the Faces of Uber

Is Uber safe to use? As a solo female traveller who uses Uber for 90% of rides, I'll share my experience of Uber and introduce the many drivers I've met.... Read more →

Traveling in Europe with Kids – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Ever wondered what it's like traveling through Europe with Kids? On a 4.5 month adventure with just carry on here's the truth with the good, bad and ugly.... Read more →