I Ate Deadly Fugu in Japan and Lived To Tell The Tale

what to eat in Japan fugu

One of my personal highlights when travelling is trying new food and I’ve eaten many curious items over the years – so it seemed only natural for me to want to try fugu in Japan. What is fugu? For those who don’t know, fugu is the Japanese word for pufferfish. Not so remarkable, you might think, until you discover that it contains highly poisonous parts. These deadly bits are largely the organs such as the liver, which is never served, but if the fish is prepared incorrectly, eating fugu can kill you. (If you’re confused by the difference between pufferfish … Read more

How To Find Cheap Food in Kyoto

Japan is renowned for being one of the world’s most expensive countries. Fortunately, of all the things you’ll pay a lot of yen for in Japan, food doesn’t have to be one of them. Of course, there are endless opportunities to spend big on food in Japan (a recent trip to Kobe and a $135 bill later was personal proof of that). But it’s equally possible to get by on a budget of $5 and under per meal and finding cheap food in Kyoto is even easier. I plan to do a longer post on Japan’s food…when I’ve finished eating … Read more

Earth Lodge Antigua: An Avocado Farm in Guatemala

Earth Lodge Antigua

This post about Earth Lodge Antigua, an avocado farm in Guatemala is part of my my very first set of posts, way back when. I was toying with a festive theme for this post given the proximity of Christmas but I suspect everyone is nearly up to their ears with the one day event that is celebrated for four months and I certainly could do with some summer memories to get me through the cold. So this blog continues with my tale – this time Guatemala, but there is a little festive sprinkle at the end…a hot buttered rum recipe I intend … Read more

Quick & Easy Brazilian Caipirinha Recipe

Brazilian Caipirinha Recipe

Back when I was a lawyer, before I became a travel, food and drink writer, hosting cocktail nights was one of my favourite ways to pass the weekend. The more elaborate the cocktail, the better. Then I took a round the world trip, which included months in South America, where I met Brazil’s national cocktail – the Brazilian Caipirinha. In just one sip, I realised a good cocktail doesn’t need steaming vapours and elaborate garnish. A few simple ingredients quickly muddled together in a glass was enough. And no drink proved this more than the caipirinha In this article I’ll … Read more