Finding Cheap Food in Kyoto

Japan is renowned for being one of the world’s most expensive countries. Fortunately, of all the things you’ll pay a lot of yen for in Japan, food doesn’t have to be one of them. Of course, there are endless opportunities to spend big on food in Japan (a recent trip to Kobe and a $135 … Read more

Guide to Visiting Montsoreau: Loire Valley, France

Cheat's Guide to Sparkling Wine Cremant

It seems a little premature, but as I saw blossom sprouting on the trees this weekend I couldn’t help but feel that spring is in the air and if, like me, that prompts thoughts of travel, perhaps for a short break, I have just the place in mind: Montsoreau in France’s beautiful Val d’Loire (Loire … Read more

Earth Lodge Antigua: An Avocado Farm in Guatemala

Earth Lodge Antigua

This post about Earth Lodge Antigua, an avocado farm in Guatemala is part of my First Time Around The World Series (my very first set of posts, way back when) which you can read in this section here. I was toying with a festive theme for this post given the proximity of Christmas but I suspect everyone … Read more

Something for the Weekend: Brazilian Caipirinha Recipe

The Brazilian Caipirinha After months of blogging I thought I’d do a post to inspire you for the weekend….a recipe for my favourite South American Cocktail – the Brazilian Caipririnha.   The Caipirinha is made from Cachaca (pronounced Ka-cha-sa – I didn’t know that!) a brazilian rum made from sugar cane.   Ingredients 2 limes … Read more