7 Traditional Dishes To Eat in Rome – Italy

Plate of Bucatini all’ Amatriciana

We’ve all heard the saying, “When in Rome do as the Romans do.” But considering the amazing food available there, it could be said that, “When in Rome, gain 10 pounds.” I did a touristy trip to Rome as part of my round-the-world adventure (you can read my guide to the best things to do … Read more

A Taste of Urbino: Discovering Passatelli and Crescia

Indiana Jo Easting Crecia in Italy

I love eating. On a good day, I can manage six meals – and I’m not talking about six small meals, either. In fact, if I could drop everything and eat professionally, I happily would…I’d perhaps need to work on my cutlery ability because, despite more than 30 years of practice with knives, forks and … Read more

10 Traditional Irish Dishes To Try in Ireland

I spent four years at university with a wonderful Irish lad (hello, Barry) and during that time was introduced to traditional Irish food as eaten by an Irishman. So, I was very excited to find myself planning an unexpected trip to Ireland at the end of this month..and it made me think of my favourite … Read more

Afternoon Tea at the Langham Hotel London – Review

Afternoon Tea At The Langham Hotel London

I’m not much of a planner these days but last weekend has been marked in my diary for months – a much-needed catch up with my old college room-mate, co-conspirator and long-term friend. Of course, we see each other when we can but between her adorable children (note to the eldest: you should be a … Read more

Manila Sunday Brunch at the Sofitel Hotel – Review

Plate of cured meats and champagne at Sofitel Sunday Brunch in Manila

After almost three weeks trying and unanimously failing to find food heaven in the Philippines, I stumbled across the food phenomenon that seizes the palette of wealthier Filipinos and ex-pats alike each weekend – the Sofitel Manila Sunday Brunch. I should start by saying that there is very little that is Filipino about the food … Read more

10 Tips for Making the Most Of Buffet Dining

Sofitel Manila Sunday Brunch buffet platter of shellfish

Buffets can be a blessing and a curse in the same bite, depending how you approach the multitude of food on offer. The price is most often the most enticing aspect of a buffet, allowing you the chance to eat a wide range of cuisines in the same meal, but somewhere between low quality food … Read more

Okonomiyaki: One of Japan’s Best Food Inventions

okonomiyaki cooked by Indiana Jo in Japan

It’s been too long since I wrote about eating in Japan – this time, my favourite discovery: okonomiyaki. What is okonomiyaki? Some describe it as Japanese pizza, others say it is more like a crêpe or pancake. I’m not sure I can accurately describe it in words…so I will describe it in pictures instead. The … Read more

A Life Changing Experience: Eating Kobe Beef in Japan

plate of rare kobe beef in japan

I’d heard that eating Kobe beef in Japan can be a life-changing experience but as much as I love a good portion of rare, red meat, I didn’t have full faith in its power to alter my life…until I tasted it. It was a cold, wet day in Kyoto and knowing that the Golden Temple … Read more

I Ate Deadly Fugu in Japan and Lived To Tell The Tale

what to eat in Japan fugu

One of my personal highlights when travelling is trying new food and I’ve eaten many curious items over the years – so it seemed only natural for me to want to try fugu in Japan. What is fugu? For those who don’t know, fugu is the Japanese word for pufferfish. Not so remarkable, you might … Read more