Best Things to Do in Canaima National Park

If you are looking for a travel experience to a hidden world of wonder and adventure, the Canaima National Park is sure to fit the bill.  The Canaima National Park is in Venezuela, known for its beautiful landscapes and exotic wildlife. It is the second largest park in Venezuela and the sixth largest in the world. Most of all, Canaima National Park is most famous as the location of stunning Angel Falls, the tallest uninterrupted waterfall in the world.  With how remote and isolated it is from the rest of the country, entering the national park can be a great … Read more

The Best Places to Visit in Colombia

Best places to visit in Colombia

After spending two months of (slow) travel in Colombia, here’s my list of the best places to visit in Colombia and what to see and do when you’re there. This article isn’t intended to be a detailed guide to the country, more of a taster of the things to do in Colombia during a first visit. Whether you have a week, a month or more, here are some of my highlights from my visit to Colombia. Best Places to Visit in Colombia Note: these places listed below are in broad geographic sequence from north to south – they are not ordered by preference! Cartagena … Read more

Why Medellin is the Best Place to Learn Spanish in Colombia

Study Spanish in Colombia Medellin

Want to know why Medellin is the best place to learn Spanish in Colombia? Read on… As usual, I didn’t do much research abosiut Colombia before landing in the country, but I did know that I was in desperate need of some more Spanish classes. My first stop in Colombia was Cartagena and a quick search on Google images did a fine job of helping me fall for the city even before I boarded the plan. Picturesque, colourful and colonial, Cartagena seemed like the perfect place for a couple of weeks of language classes…at least on-screen. But the second I landed in … Read more

Best Hostels in Latin America

Whenever I meet travelers en route to South or Central America, I’m always quick to pass on my list of recommended hostels in Latin America, not least because I know what it’s like to turn up at a place and wonder if Hell might have any vacancies as a better alternative.    A hostel, the facilities, the kind of travellers it attracts, the location and the cost can all have a huge impact on your travel experience. Equally, repeatedly trawling my tiny brain for the name of that place in that town, that is just on the tip of my … Read more

Cycling from Alaska to Patagonia – What It’s Really Like

Indiana Jo – cycling from Alaska to Patagonia and climbing the highest points of each country in between? Given I’m very wobbly on two feet, let alone on wheels, I can’t proudly claim that achievement, but Thomas Laussermair can.   Taking a staggering 14 months and who knows how much energy expended, Thomas has kindly agreed to share a synopsis of his tale in this guest blog… Cycling from Alaska to Patagonia I had been looking for a trip that combines cycling and mountaineering. After reading the Seven Summits, I briefly contemplated doing the continent highpoints by bicycle, but then dismissed … Read more

Water, Water Everywhere: A Trip to The Pantanal in Brazil

With an ever so slight tequila hangover I set out on what would prove to be a long journey to the Pantanal. After 14 hours by overnight bus (‘Philip’ my bus buddy encroaching on my personal space for most of it, though at least he had the courtesy to introduce himself first before stretching his legs and arms across me), five hours by minivan, and an hour by jeep, I finally arrived at the Brazilian wetlands. I am borderline (read: completely) embarrassed to admit that I was inspired to visit this far flung corner of Brazil after reading a John … Read more

Quick & Easy Brazilian Caipirinha Recipe

Brazilian Caipirinha Recipe

Back when I was a lawyer, before I became a travel, food and drink writer, hosting cocktail nights was one of my favourite ways to pass the weekend. The more elaborate the cocktail, the better. Then I took a round the world trip, which included months in South America, where I met Brazil’s national cocktail – the Brazilian Caipirinha. In just one sip, I realised a good cocktail doesn’t need steaming vapours and elaborate garnish. A few simple ingredients quickly muddled together in a glass was enough. And no drink proved this more than the caipirinha In this article I’ll … Read more

Sweet Jesus: Buenos Aires’ Religious Theme Park

Leaving behind the cold British Winter, I landed back in Buenos Aires with its 33 degree heat. I was staying with friends who had rented an apartment in the city and at risk of falling from one bottle of wine to another, we decided to search for an activity to distract us from the Malbec. All credit goes to Louise for finding Tierra Santa. The Lonely Planet guide describes it as a religious theme park, which claims to be a World’s first. You might wonder why no one has thought of this before?! Activity determined, off we trekked, in search … Read more

Flat out: Visiting The Bolivian Salt Flats

Recharging in La Paz…kind of After my Intrepid tour ended I holed up in Loki (hostel in La Paz) for a few days to recharge and catch up with myself. The potential problem was that Loki was so inviting I was at risk of never leaving. The rooms were less than a fiver a night, perfectly clean and safe. The toilets were western, had seats, flushed, didn’t stink (most of the time), came with loo roll and…wait for it…soap. Add to this a cool bar on site that served cheap booze and all manner of comfort food – chips and … Read more

The Equator, Quito: Journey to the Centre of the Earth

The first thing I noticed about Quito is that none of the seat belts work in the taxis. But that is the least of your worries. You might think the biggest concern would be the recent politicial situation but despite the national state of emergency declared just days before we travelled, it all seems to have been a storm in a tea cup – when the BBC were showing images of tanks on the streets, the army forces had long moved on, any remaining presence of armed guards being the norm. As I said, this is not an issue. The … Read more