From Santiago to the land of the lovelies (Part 2)

Slightly odd that I’m writing this from the UK…but will cast my mind back to the days of warmth… It was an early start for the trip to Mendoza. One final trip to the post office (nothing) and a mad dash to the bus station. Lesson leanrned: don’t believe that locals know what they are talking about when they confirm… Read more →

Gone dark

I feel like I have ‘gone dark’, in the words of Jack Bauer (from 24 for those who aren’t familiar). The truth isn’t far from that. I’m currently tapping this blog into a word document ready to upload as soon as – or if I ever – get internet connection again. Ok, I do realise that I am travelling through… Read more →

Jo Versus the Volcano

Right, where was I…I’d managed to escape imminent death in Quito then headed off the next day for a long journey into the Amazon. Hopes were high and the local bus ride went quickly, helped along by the repeated playing of a wonderful Latin American song ‘I’m sexy, sexy, sexy.’ We arrived at the jungle lodge to the sounds of… Read more →