How to Get From New York To Washington DC – Quick Guide

Home to the White House, the Washington Monument and the National Mall, Washington DC has a lot to offer visitors. Not only is it the capital of the United States, it’s a short hop from the Big Apple, meaning you can combine a trip to New York and Washington DC in one visit. In this guide, I’ll explain how to get from New York to Washington DC, including some links for booking your trip. Quick book: take the train Don’t have time to read more? The fastest way of traveling from New York to Washington DC is to travel by … Read more

25 Fascinating Facts About Washington DC

statue of abraham lincoln at the lincoln memorial

Most people know that Washington DC is home to the White House but what else do you know about the Capital of the USA? If you’re not from the USA (or maybe even if you are), did you know that Washington DC is the capital of the United States or did you, like many people, think it was New York? In this article I’ll share with you some fun and interesting facts about this small but fascinating city. 1. Washington DC is not actually located in any of the 50 states of the USA. It was originally located in the … Read more

12 Iconic Things To Do In New York For Tourists

So, you’re finally planning your trip to New York, and what a trip it’s going to be. With some of the most iconic sites and experiences in the United States of America – and the world – you won’t be disappointed. I remember my first trip to the Big Apple like it was yesterday. Those first moments of being in Times Square, shopping on 5th Avenue and seeing the Statue of Liberty are likely to last a lifetime. And if they don’t, do what I do, make New York one of those places you keep going back to time and … Read more

Inside The Statue of Liberty – Are Crown Access Tickets Worth It?

close up of the statue of liberty crown

I’ve already written about how to visit the Statue of Liberty including ticket types, tours, cruises, how to see the Statue of Liberty for free and how to get to the Statue of Liberty. In this article, I’ll cover something very specific – are Crown Access tickets worth it. I’ll then give a little info on what you can see and do at Liberty Island (where the Statue of Liberty lives). You can then decide which type of Statue of Liberty ticket to hunt down – and I say hunt because it can feel like that if you don’t book … Read more

21 Best Things To Do In New Orleans

“You probably already know that we talk funny and listen to strange music and eat things you’d probably hire an exterminator to get out of your yard. We dance even if there’s no radio. We drink at funerals. We talk too much and laugh too loud and live too large and, frankly, we’re suspicious of others who don’t. But we’ll try not to judge you while we’re in your town.” These words were penned by journalist Chris Rose in a Letter to America after Hurricane Katrina. The letter went viral but the spirit of New Orleans captured in this letter has … Read more

21 Best Things To Do In Florida Keys

Florida Keys USA

The Florida Keys – where you’re as close to the Caribbean as you’re going to get without hopping on a plane, with a string of tiny islands connected by one of the most scenic causeway drives in the world, everyone should take a Florida Keys vacation at least once in their lifetimes. It’s a trip I’ve taken four times, and with plans to go back, it’s fair to say I’m hooked on the laid back island life. In this post I’ll share the best things to do in Florida Keys. I’ll also give you some tip for planning your Florida … Read more

19 Best Things To Do In The Everglades

Things To Do In the everglades Crocodile

The Everglades is the only place in the world where you can see both crocodiles and alligators. Under an hour’s drive from Miami, the question shouldn’t be ‘is it worth visiting the Everglades’, but ‘when’? Admittedly, it took me a while to shift my butt off Miami beach and out into the heat and humidity of Everglades National Park. Then, prone to a touch of craziness, I ended up visiting Everglades National Park twice in the same year. That was good because it let me refine my itinerary for visiting the Everglades. Here’s what I’m going to share with you. All in, … Read more

45 Cheap Things To Do in Miami

lifeguard station Miami Beach pink

Let’s face it, Miami is not cheap. With year-round warm weather, a stretch of coastline that makes you feel like you’re in the Caribbean, a legendary party scene and a culture as unique as the city’s eclectic blend of residents, there’s every reason to visit Miami. Which raises the question – how can you do Miami on the cheap? In this guide, I’ll share my list of cheap things to do in Miami, including planning a trip to Miami, getting around, sightseeing in Miami, where to eat and where to party, and cheap hotels in Miami. 1. Try to avoid … Read more

25 Best Places To Eat In Key West Florida

yellow building of the key lime pie bakery in key west florida

Looking for where to eat in Key West? You’re in the right place. If there’s one thing I’ve done a lot of in Key West, it’s eat. From conch fritters to Key Lime pie to an abundance of fresh seafood and fish, here’s a list of some of the best restaurants in Key West (according to me and my taste buds). Keep in mind some of the best food in Key West will come out of the water. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of non-fish and veggie options to be found. In fact, a girl can survive on Key Lime … Read more

15 Famous Bars In Key West (With A Printable Checklist)

Things to do in Key West Best Bars in Key West

With a history of rum running, a complete refusal to adhere to the Prohibition and attracting unquenchables like Hemingway, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that Key West has a bar or two. What follows is a list of the most famous bars in Key West. This is an idea list if it’s your first time in Key West as most of them are on or near touristy Duval Street, the beating heart of Key West’s bar scene. You might also like my guide to the best things to do in Key West for first time visitors.  Whether you’re in … Read more