How To Visit Tijuana from San Diego – Complete Guide

Visiting Tijuana from San Diego - Mexico border crossing

Sitting just 20 miles (32 kilometres) south of San Diego, it’s hard to believe that a few steps can alter your surroundings so dramatically. Yet, step over the border from the USA into Mexico and turn your ear to the air: the car horns have stopped, tacos sizzle on road side carts and Spanish floats … Read more

The Best Things To Do in Mexico’s Copper Canyon

View of Copper Canyon with rail and greenery

The Copper Canyon trip had been on my ‘bucket list’ for years but, to be honest, fear of straying into Narco territory put me off. Then, one fortuitous day, I bumped into a girl from the Netherlands. She was tiny (smaller then my 5ft self), blonde (so, much more noticeable) and she’d just had the … Read more

The Copper Canyon, Mexico – Your Complete Planning Guide

Copper canyon with lake

Depending on the metrics you use, the Copper Canyon in Mexico is either four or seven times larger than the Grand Canyon in the USA. But that difference between four and seven times hardly seems relevant – you just need to grasp that the Copper Canyon is immense and, if you take the train through it, … Read more

Is Mexico Safe? The Main Risks & How To Avoid Them

Street art of Mexican frog on leash

Ask most people “Is Mexico Safe to visit?” and you’ll probably get a very quick and conclusive response: “No.  Mexico’s not safe.” Of course, most people proffering these opinions have never visited Mexico. Their opinions have been formed from stories on the news. Stories their second cousin’s, cousin’s friend heard from someone he once went to … Read more

Best Things to Do in The Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Lady on white beach in Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico

With fine turquoise waters, powdery white beaches, colonial cities and ancient Maya ruins, it’s no surprise Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula attracts millions of visitors per year. It’s a part of Mexico that drew me in and kept me there – I have spent over a year exploring Mexico and around half of that time in the peninsula.  … Read more

How to Drink Tequila Like a Mexican

tequila bottles and shot glasses on a table

Do you have a (completely rational) fear of tequila? Do you flat-out hate the stuff? If so, I can almost guarantee that you’re drinking it wrong. After spending a year in Mexico, I finally learned the secret: how to drink tequila like a Mexican… and actually enjoy this potent drink. You might also like my … Read more

Casa Natalia Boutique Hotel in Los Cabos – Review

white and brown building of casa natalia

Looking for a luxury retreat that doesn’t come with the mass tourism experienced you get at a resort, then read on. I recently found the perfect solution at Casa Natalia, a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of arty San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. Have you ever left a resort feeling more exhausted than when … Read more

How To Swim with Whale Sharks in Mexico

Close up of whale shark above the water in Mexico

Ever wanted to go swimming with whale sharks in Mexico? I finally put on my big-girls pants and jumped into the water with the world’s biggest fish. This article gives you the low down on what to expect, likely costs, trip planning tips and my thoughts on the best place to go swimming with whale … Read more