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Baja California Road Trip Itinerary Mexico

Your Ultimate Baja California Road Trip Itinerary

Guide to a Baja California road trip in Mexico driving from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas including things to do in Baja California, driving tips and safety.... Read more →
Planning An Affordable Copper Canyon Tour Itinerary

Planning An Affordable Copper Canyon Tour Itinerary

This self-guided affordable Copper Canyon Tour itinerary includes first class train, rooms (inc. luxury night at the canyon) & food for under $350/5 nights... Read more →
The Copper Canyon Divisidero

The Copper Canyon Travel Guide: Planning Your Trip

Planning a trip to the Copper Canyon in Mexico? This travel guide covers it all from booking your ticket, choosing a route, safety and how much it costs.... Read more →
Pictures of sunsets

2014: My Year Told In Pictures of Sunsets

With over 50 countries visited, I see a lot of sunsets and yet they still manage to inspire me. Here's my 2014 travels shown in pictures of sunsets.... Read more →
Is Mexico Safe

Is Mexico Safe? From someone who’s been (pt.2)

Is Mexico safe? Based on my experience in 11 of Mexico's states from safe beach towns to drug-cartel territory, find out what Mexico's really like to visit.... Read more →